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The Moon & Stars Yellow-Fleshed Watermelon has a dark green skin flecked with yellow speckles and golden burst spots, giving it the appearance of a living galaxy. Graced with white seeds and a slightly ridged, thick rind, the Moon & Stars can reach up to forty pounds when thump-ready for eating. Its flesh is extraordinarily sweet and flavorful. The seeds for this watermelon, though popular in the before 1900, were thought to be gone forever until the 1980s, when Kent Whealy of Seed Savers Exchange, in collaboration with a Missouri farmer named Merle Van Doren, helped to resuscitate the breed and widely spread its popularity.

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The Natural Place

  Little Rock, AR

Right now the Natural Place has 6 doe goats (3 are milking), 30 laying hens. √?¬†We also have 4 dogs (all fixed, all have shots). √?¬† Our season is almost year round because of our mix of northern and tropical breeds of chicken, and because we stagger the breeding of our goats. (more...)

The Little Red Hen Farm

  Fairview, WV

The Little Red Hen Farm is a sustainable organic farm in north central West Virginia. We grow pastured poultry fed an all natural diet including grass and bugs. We feature Cornish Cross chickens that need no antibiotics because they live well. (more...)

The Good Earth Organic Gardening Center

  Hope, RI

THE GOOD EARTH is Rhode Island's only Certified Organic Garden Center. Our goal is to grow beautiful, exciting, interesting and hard-to-find plants in harmony with nature~plants that provide enrichment for all. (more...)

The Farm of Hard Rocks

  Springfield, MO

The Farm of Hard Rocks has moved to 24 acres of bottomland. We raise fresh vegetables, chickens for eggs, and have a certified kitchen from which we can sell honey from our hives.I sell by subscription and make deliveries once a week in Springfield. I support the Commercial Street Farmer's Market in Springfield and hope you do too! (more...)

The Farm at Kraut Run

  Wentzville, MO

We are a small family farm that uses sustainable organic growing practices and heirloom varieties of vegetables. We sell our produce through a 50 member CSA and at Lake St. Louis Farmers Market. We offer educational programs on and off site. We also offer garden consultation and gardening classes. (more...)

The BarnHouse Garden

  Moneta, VA

The BarnHouse Garden grows Heirloom (open-pollinated, non-hybrid, historically flavorful) produce and herbs. The Garden grew (pun, sorry) out of the belief that food should taste good. I grow organically, and the plants are irrigated by our own well water. Heirloom melons are becoming a specialty and you get to taste before you buy! (more...)