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The Moon & Stars Yellow-Fleshed Watermelon has a dark green skin flecked with yellow speckles and golden burst spots, giving it the appearance of a living galaxy. Graced with white seeds and a slightly ridged, thick rind, the Moon & Stars can reach up to forty pounds when thump-ready for eating. Its flesh is extraordinarily sweet and flavorful. The seeds for this watermelon, though popular in the before 1900, were thought to be gone forever until the 1980s, when Kent Whealy of Seed Savers Exchange, in collaboration with a Missouri farmer named Merle Van Doren, helped to resuscitate the breed and widely spread its popularity.

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Bumblebee Farm

  Troutdale, OR

We are certified organic family farm specializing in great tasting, healthy varieties of vegetables straight from the fields to your table. We believe that by simply growing great food, and selling locally, we can help to create a healthy synergy of cooperation and inspiration between the producer and the informed consumer. (more...)

Buffalo Farmers Market

  Buffalo, MN

The Buffalo Farmer's Market is held each Saturday morning from 8-Noon, beginning in May and going through the end of October. The dowtown location gives the market an old market atmosphere in the heart of this beautiful town. (more...)

Buckhorn Gardens

  Montrose, CO

Our beautiful farm rests at 6700 feet at the base Buckhorn Mountain in Montrose, Colorado. Although we are not certified organic, we go above and beyond the organic standards. We specialize in growing an assortment of heirloom and open pollinated vegetable varieties that are richer in nutrients and flavor then "standard" varieties. (more...)

Buckets of Yum

  Springfield, MO

Buckets of Yum is a permaculture yarden and citystead located in Springfield, MO. We follow the practices of Food not Lawns, sustainably farming every available space for maximum productivity, and believe in strong community involvement for the betterment of the local area and the health of the planet. (more...)

Broadacre Farm

  Menomonie, WI

This new Menomonie farm is based on pasture and permaculture, along with your favorite vegetables. Broadacre Farm isn't certified organic, but the soil has a 30-year history of being untouched by herbicides, pesticides, and GMO's. We share pasture and natural soil fertility with 3D Farm's best grass-fed beef. (more...)

Brick House Farms

  Gaffney, SC

Brick House Farms is a fourth-generation family farm in Gaffney, South Carolina. Current offerings include 100% grassfed Devon and Angus beef, pastured eggs from heritage chickens and pastured chickens(meat). We also have pastured Heritage Red Wattle Pork. (more...)