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Though the pawpaw is generally unknown to the American public, it is the largest edible fruit native to the US. The fruit is indigenous to 26 states, from northern Florida to Maine and west to Nebraska. As a much loved fruit, European settlers named towns, creeks, and islands after the pawpaw. Today, pawpaws are primarily eaten in very rural areas, and many Americans are wholly unfamiliar with the fruit. The Pawpaw has a creamy, custard-like flesh with a tropical flavor, which is often described as a combination of mango, pineapple, and banana.

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Mystic Woods Farm

  Oakman, AL

We are planning to grow (or in the process of growing): Non GMO and Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables Herbs for culinary and medicinal uses Pasture raised chickens for eggs and meat Heritage breed pigs Rabbits Ducks, Geese, and Guineas Emus and Alpacas. Beehives for local raw honey and beeswax products (more...)

Mountain Song Farm

  Mentone, AL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

First thing anyone should know about us is that we are very passionate about farming and we love what we do ! Both sides of Brad's family have been involved in agriculture in the region for as far back as we can trace. We are a small family farm located in Mentone, Alabama. (more...)

Meridian Township Farmers' Market

  Okemos, MI

The Meridian Township Farmer's Market is where you can purchase the freshest possible produce, ask the farmers directly about production methods and the varieties produced, and try new things not commercially available in hopes of promoting a healthy lifestyle. (more...)

Manahoac Farm

  Catlett, VA

"The people are very merry" is the translation of Manahoac from Algonquin. Manahoac is a union of tribes from the Piedmont region of Northern Virginia who allied against common enemies to protect their sacred land. Our mission is to provide our region with the highest quality products and nourish the people (more...)

Madison Eats Local Food Club

  Brightwood, VA

Madison Eats Local Food Club is a CSA offered by a partnership of two small, women-farmed gardens in Madison County. We are committed to soil-friendly, organic growing practices. When you become a member of Madison Eats, you are joining a community of people who value healthy food and healthy relationships. (more...)

Linden Hill

  South Chesterfield, VA

We are a small family owned hobby farm located in South Chesterfield, Virginia. We have been raising chickens and selling eggs for almost thirty years. Currently available are delicious and healthy, free range eggs produced from a variety of hens; which include rare, heritage, and standard breeds. (more...)