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Though the pawpaw is generally unknown to the American public, it is the largest edible fruit native to the US. The fruit is indigenous to 26 states, from northern Florida to Maine and west to Nebraska. As a much loved fruit, European settlers named towns, creeks, and islands after the pawpaw. Today, pawpaws are primarily eaten in very rural areas, and many Americans are wholly unfamiliar with the fruit. The Pawpaw has a creamy, custard-like flesh with a tropical flavor, which is often described as a combination of mango, pineapple, and banana.

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Rosewind Farm

  Borden, IN

Rose Wind Farm is the result of the sustainable farming practices followed by my parents, who bought it in 1941 and began restoring the abandoned fields. My focus of interest on fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs, testing and seeking out the most nutritious and flavorful varieties, many of which are heirlooms.(more...)

Roots Farm

  Winterville, GA

Our primary interest is connection, which we seek to cultivate through four areas of focus: food, ecology, education, and community. Roots Farm CSA works to provide food that nourishes both body and spirit while caring for the land and the Earth that sustains us. (more...)

Rocky Point Farm

  Warwick, RI    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We offer fresh pawpaws for sale in the Fall. You can purchase them online, from our farm stand, from Farm Fresh RI, on our Facebook page, and at the Pawtuxet Farmers' Market. Pawpaws begin to ripen at the end of September and will continue through the end of October. Don't miss out on trying this rare fruit delicacy. (more...)

Robson's Farm

  Wrightstown, NJ    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Robson's Farm is a fourth generation fruit and vegetable farm in Central New Jersey. A piece of our farm is naturally grown and on the other portion we use the Integrated Pest Management Program. Our new location is at the corner of County Rt. 537 and Rahilly Road in Wrightstown, NJ (up the street from where we used to be). (more...)

RiverRidge Farm

  Roann, IN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We are a small 3 1/2 acre family farm. With our eight young children, we are a very lively and active place!!! We grow approximately 1 1/2 acres of naturally grown vegetables and small fruits. (more...)

Red Rosa Farm

  Spencer, IN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana, our historic farm homestead is now home to over 100 beautiful alpacas as well as our naturally-tended gardens and orchards. We specialize in garlic along with a variety of other produce, all as lovingly tended as our alpaca friends. (more...)