Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter tomato

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This tomato was developed by Charlie Byles of Logan, West Virgina in the 1930s. Charlie owned a radiator repair shop and had no plant breeding experience - this tomato was the only breeding work he ever did. After years of experimenting and selling off his seedlings, he was able to pay off the mortgage on his house. This tomato's story has helped keep the strain alive. This large beefsteak fruit is very meaty with few seeds. It has a spicy flavor and low acidity. The taste starts off mild and then builds, with a long finish on the palate. It has a roasted, fruity and slightly salty flavo

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Canvas Ranch

  Petaluma, CA

Canvas Ranch is a highly diverse, sustainable family farm. We grow all kinds of vegetables, some fruits, free-range eggs, herbs, and flowers on our beautiful 28-acre farm just six miles from the coast. (more...)

Burge Organic Farm

  Mansfield, GA

Burge Organic Farm grows diverse and delicious varieties of fruits and vegetables year-round on 16 acres of intensively managed cropland. Our goal is to grow food that is honest, clean and of the highest quality. (more...)

Buffalo Farmers Market

  Buffalo, MN

The Buffalo Farmer's Market is held each Saturday morning from 8-Noon, beginning in May and going through the end of October. The dowtown location gives the market an old market atmosphere in the heart of this beautiful town. (more...)

Brightwood Vineyard and Farm, LLC

  Brightwood, VA

Brightwood Vineyard and Farm is a diversified, sustainable crop and livestock farm located in the Northern Piedmont of Virginia. We raise heritage breeds of meat goats, laying hens and sheep as well as certified organic vegetables, berries, herbs and cut flowers. (more...)

Brian & Julia's Farm LLC

  Mathews, VA

I raise an extensive selection of fresh seasonal produce available as CSA shares. I do NOT use any chemical fertilizers or herbicides (weed killers) in the vegetable fields, I do not plant any GMO varieties. If I use pesticides, they are listed for organic use and are used only as a last resort to save a crop. (more...)

Breezy Hill Farm, Ohio

  Homeworth, OH

We are a small family-run farm located in Columbiana County, Ohio. Our focus is on producing a diverse list of vegetables with a focus on the unusual, such as artichokes, fennel, broccoli rabe, and celeriac. We love to see our customers get excited about trying new foods! We also grow many heirloom varieties of tomatoes and peppers. (more...)