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This round, smooth fruit with a brilliant orange uniform color weighs around 8-10 oz. It is a midseason indeterminate tomato that grows well in northern and cooler climates . It is a family heirloom from Maine. Some say it is called "Valencia" because it looks like a Valencia orange, while others suspect it came from Valencia, Spain. The tomato has an excellent, full, complex tomato taste, with a great balance of acidic and sweet. It is meaty and rich with few seeds. Tasters describe the Valencia as bursting with flavor, rich and buttery as well as pineapple-like, sweet and refreshing.

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Summer Dreams Farm

  Marshfield, MA

We are a small organic produce farm with a wide variety of vegetables and herbs. Largest and widest variety crops are the tomatoes, mostly heirlooms, beets, potatoes, and lettuces. Also have asparagas, herbs, and rhubarb. (more...)

Storrs Farmers Market

  Mansfield Center, CT

Storrs Farmers Market is the only year-round market in Connecticut's "Quiet Corner." For 19 years and counting, we have provided premium "CT Grown" fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, eggs, and more for the greater Mansfield community. (more...)

Stony Loam Farm

  Charlotte, VT

Our mission is to provide Charlotte and the surrounding communities access to the tastiest, freshest, organically and locally produced vegetables, herbs, and flowers while building community around food and sustainable living. We're a certified organic farm and our CSA shares include beautiful U-Pick flowers and many other U-Pick crops.(more...)

Stone Coop Farm


Stone Coop Farm LLC ("coop" like a chicken coop, not co-op) was created in November 2010 when Tom Rau, Shannon Rau, and Joannee DeBruhl agreed to start a new farming venture. Stone Coop Farm is a certified organic farm in Brighton, MI. We are located off of Musch Road (behind Holy Spirit Catholic Church on Winans Lake Road). (more...)

Stone Cloud Gardens Ltd.

  St. Johns, MI

I began farming at Stone Cloud Gardens in 1993. I began going to markets in 1994. My business has grown. I have learned. It is my hope that customers that come to Farmers Markets appreciate what is special about Market Gardening and... ASK THESE QUESTIONS..... Did you grow this? What variety is this? Why did you choose this variety? (more...)

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

  Pocantico Hills, NY

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is a farm, a kitchen, a classroom - an exhibit, a laboratory, a campus. The mission of this unique, nonprofit, member-driven collaboration is to teach and advance community-based food production and enjoyment, from farm to classroom to plate. (more...)