American Bronze Turkey

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Historically, the American Bronze Turkey has been the most popular turkey variety in the US.  Its exact origin is obscure though it does include a cross between the eastern species of North American wild turkey and the domestic turkeys brought by colonists from Europe. The Bronze variety is stately in appearance. Bronze turkeys stand four feet tall, with a fifteen to eighteen inch tail AND a six foot wing span and varying bronze feathers. Toms weigh up to 36 pounds and hens up to 20 pounds. Today, the Broad-breasted Bronze is no longer used by the turkey industry, but it is promoted for seasonal, small-scale production

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Funny Farm

  Columbia, MO

The Funny Farm specializes in free-range, hormone free chicken and duck eggs. We currently have 70 layers and 17 ducks that provide eggs. We also offer canned produce, walnut meat, meat birs, and canning lessons.(more...)

Funky Little Farm

  Winthrop, MN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Working hard to be a sustainable small CSA. Most work is done by hand, by one person with very little machinery. (more...)

Full Circle Ranch

  Potterville, MI

Welcome to Full Circle Ranch! We raise delicious healthy Pastured Goat Meat, Chicken, Duck, Turkey and Free Range Eggs. Our methods are organic and humane. All the animals we raise are on natural pastures and have free access to vegetarian feed that contains NO antibiotics and NO animal by-products. (more...)

Friendly Pastures


Welcome to Friendly Pastures, an Elgin Texas based, family owned, pasture-raised, better than organic farm, and sustainable farming educator. We look forward to providing your family with wonderful farm fresh produce, grass fed meat, or breeding stock to get you started producing for yourself. (more...)

Frazier Lane Organics

  Covelo, CA

Our family farm is 68 acres of permanant pasture where our heritage breed Highland cattle, Duroc pigs and Heritage turkeys and chickens are allowed to roam free. We are working with Heritage Foods to be one of the farms that has been selected to raise the Red Wattle pigs. (more...)

Franzen Farms

  Wilmington, IL

We are a small family owned farm located in Wilmington, IL. We raise Heritage Bourbon Red, Heritage Standard Bronze and Big Breasted White Turkeys Our heritage turkeys are listed in the Ark of Taste and are NPIP certified. All of our birds are pasture raised with plenty of room to roam and graze on grasses, alfalfa, and bugs. (more...)