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Historically, the American Bronze Turkey has been the most popular turkey variety in the US.  Its exact origin is obscure though it does include a cross between the eastern species of North American wild turkey and the domestic turkeys brought by colonists from Europe. The Bronze variety is stately in appearance. Bronze turkeys stand four feet tall, with a fifteen to eighteen inch tail AND a six foot wing span and varying bronze feathers. Toms weigh up to 36 pounds and hens up to 20 pounds. Today, the Broad-breasted Bronze is no longer used by the turkey industry, but it is promoted for seasonal, small-scale production

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Carriage House Farms

  Stevenson, MD

Carriage House Farms is a family-owned, 82-acre farm located approximately twenty minutes from downtown Baltimore in the Greenspring Valley just north of I-695. We raise free range laying hens on pasture for our eggs, free range cornish cross chickens on pasture for meat, and free range heritage turkeys, also on pasture. (more...)

Carolina Bay Farms

  Hopkins, SC

We are a small sustainable farm located on a portion of our family's original settlement from 1760. We raise heritage breed Guinea Hogs along with heritage breed chickens and a small field of pesticide/herbicide free vegetables with a focus on heirloom crops to include peas that were grown during the era of the 1800's. (more...)

Capella Farm

  Ann Arbor, MI

We are proud to follow organic growing practices and work hard to provide tasty veggies and herbs year round and, during the height of summer, flowers. It's time to sign up for winter, spring and summer: 1. Winter. We started Jan. (more...)

Caney Branch Farm

  Monticello, FL

2011 Florida Innovative Farmers of the Year Caney Branch Farm is your source for naturally grown, hormone- and antibiotic-free grass-fed meat, eggs, and fiber. We raise heritage breeds of Belted Galloway cattle, Icelandic sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese. (more...)

C'est si Bon! Cooking School

  Chapel Hill, NC

We offer hands-on cooking classes in an old-world style environment. Laying hens, a seasonal garden, and lots of personalized attention to details. We work with local farms and their delicious abundance. Choose from our Menu of 5 Culinary Experiences. Ask about apprenticeships. (more...)

Brother Jon's Farm

  Woodstock, IL

At Brother Jon's Farm, we do our best to raise animals that we can be proud of. Our heritage breed hogs are raised on certified organic feed. Whole and half hogs available. Thank you!! Anthony and Mary Keisling(more...)