American Bronze Turkey

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Historically, the American Bronze Turkey has been the most popular turkey variety in the US.  Its exact origin is obscure though it does include a cross between the eastern species of North American wild turkey and the domestic turkeys brought by colonists from Europe. The Bronze variety is stately in appearance. Bronze turkeys stand four feet tall, with a fifteen to eighteen inch tail AND a six foot wing span and varying bronze feathers. Toms weigh up to 36 pounds and hens up to 20 pounds. Today, the Broad-breasted Bronze is no longer used by the turkey industry, but it is promoted for seasonal, small-scale production

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Tall Trees Farm

  Lancaster, VA

Tall Trees Farm is located in "the other" Lancaster County in the beautiful Northern Neck of VA. Surrounded by historical landmarks and farms of the tidewater area. We view ourselves as stewards of God's green earth and conduct our farm in that light. God gave all creatures special traits and we do our best to honor that design. (more...)

Tabletop Farm

  Lisbon Falls, ME

We are a small family operated part-time farm, We raise premium meats and eggs using sustainable practices without hormones, drugs or chemicals. Our animals are raised with love and on pasture and moved to fresh green grass when available. We raise and sell Eggs, chickens, ducklings, turkeys, Goats and Pork, The pork is available by the side. (more...)

TIMBEROCK at Hopkins Farm

  Simpsonville, SC

We are a seventh generation family owned farm. We can trace our Hopkins ancestors back to 1834 on this same location in upstate SC. We have many acres of hardwoods and open pasture land. We sell hay to local farmers for winter feeding of livestock. We also have a Heritage Poultry Farm. We raise heritage breed chickens, turkeys and ducks. (more...)

Synergistic Acres

  Parker, KS

Synergistic Acres raises animals peacefully in natural environments, where they enjoy natural forages while restoring health to the land and sustaining our family and yours with delicious nourishment. When you buy meat from Synergistic Acres you are: * feeding your family the healthiest and most nutritionally complete food available (more...)

Sycamore Spring Farm

  Frederick, MD    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

"Put a Little Farm in your Life" CSA program celebrates 11 years of growing the Safest, Healthiest most Nutrient Dense Foods possible for our Farm Family members and Friends. Farm without harm is at the heart of all we do on this old-time Homestead Family Farm. (more...)

Swain Family Farm

  Santa Rosa, CA

Swain Family Farm is a small farm in the rural Bennett Valley area of Santa Rosa, California. We offer naturally grown chickens (Wyandottes, Cornish hybrids, Marans), Heritage turkeys (Lavender, Blue Slate), eggs (Silver Laced Wyandotte), Angus beef, pork and seasonal fruits and vegetables. (more...)