American Buff goose

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The American Buff goose is an American descendant of the wild Greylag goose, which is found in Europe and Northern Asia.  As a dual-purpose goose, it produces both eggs and a rich, dark meat. The Buff goose is an apricot-fawn color with a whitish abdomen, brown eyes and orange feet and bill. The breed is the largest of the medium weight class of geese with mature ganders weighing about 18 pounds and mature geese weighing about 16 pounds.  The American Buff is calm and docile, a good choice for a home flock. They are good, attentive parents

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Antiquity Oaks

  Cornell, IL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

At Antiquity Oaks, we specialize in raising heritage breeds of livestock naturally. We raise pastured chickens and free-range heritage turkeys, as well as grass-fed, heritage pork and lamb. We have Nigerian dwarf goats and use their milk to make luxurious soap. (more...)

Alaskan Hen House

  wasilla, AK

Happy and healthy hens produce lots of delicous and healthy eggs and meat. Our eggs come in many different colors, green, blue, brown, pink and speckled. We have fertile eggs for hatching. Chicks, goslings, turkey poults and grown birds for meat are available in limited amounts. We provide poultry processing services also. (more...)

Adoption Acres

  Burlington, WI

Adoption Acres gets its name for how our family was formed. Mom and 3 kids are we... joined forever by adoption in November 2009. We moved to our small 4-acre farm in August, 2010. Since that time, we've been working very hard to create a small, sustainable agricultural business. Our motto is "Local Food from our Family to Yours". (more...)