American Pilgrim goose

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The Pilgrim Goose is thought to have come to America with the pilgrims and then named in the early 20th century by a Missouri farmer.  It is unique in that the sex of the bird can be distinguished by color (auto-sexing).  The adult ganders are mostly white, usually with gray rumps and traces of color in the tail and wings with blue eyes.  Mature geese are soft dove-gray with varying amounts of white in their faces and dark brown eyes. The bills and the legs are orange in both sexes. Pilgrims are medium-sized geese, weighing 13-14 pounds at maturi

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  Nauvoo, AL

Custom growing CSA type farm; slow money, slow food; heritage breeds. We're offering farm shares to serve food choices with produce, meats (USDA small butcher processed), eggs and possibly other items as they mature - nuts, berries, fruit trees. Ground floor, initial people have option to renew. (more...)

Shepherds Harvest Family Farm

  Evans, WA

We are a small family farm raising registered Icelandic sheep, Muscovy Ducks, chickens and Geese, and cows. Natural and organic fed, pastured raised. Our sheep are fed alfalfa hay that has a mix with another grass when needed and they also graze the fields. No grain is ever given to our sheep as it is just not needed. (more...)

Salamander Springs Farm: Susana's Perma-organics

  Berea, KY    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Since 2002, Salamander Springs Farm has produced market crops without tillage, fertilizers or pesticides. This farm & homestead was created from scratch by developing & recycling local resources, energy & nutrients. (more...)

Round Tuit Farms

  Oak Harbor, WA

Our farm began as a dream in self sufficiency. We haven't come close to that goal yet but find that we have a lot of extras. At first we "shared" with the neighbors but still had left overs. Our gardens have expanded to a 36' hoop house for those hard to get tomatoes and peppers in the Pacific North West and raised beds for all the rest. (more...)

River View Acres

  Kalispell, MT

I raise a few heritage poultry breeds. Presently we have Red Bourbon turkeys, Buff and Pilgrim geese, Appleyard ducks, and Ameracauna and Partridge Rock chickens. All free range during the day. We recently added Galloway cows with their crossbred calves. Chicken and duck eggs are available for purchase as seasonally available. (more...)