American Plains Bison

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The Plains Bison, which at their zenith numbered between 30 and 70 million animals, once ranged from Alaska to the northern tier of Mexican states, and from the East Coast to the West Coast of North America. The demise of the herd did not come until the Euro-American expansion westward in the late 19th century. But thanks to the cross-cultural efforts of ranchers, public-lands managers, and tribal nations, the Plains Bison has made a welcome comeback during the 20th century. The North American Plains Bison meat yields a marvelously tender, slightly sweet flavor with subtle reminders of the pasture in which the animal was raised.

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Sea View Farms LLC

  Rye, NH

Although we've been farming this land since 1995, we decided in 2008 to offer our product to the public. Due to the fact that our farming continues to be a hobby, we still keep our production to a manageable level for us. Our buffalo are pasture-raised on our farm, living off of grass and hay. (more...)

Santa Fe Farmers Market

  Santa Fe, NM

With over 100 small growers participating, the Santa Fe Farmers' Market is the largest in New Mexico and one of the best known in the country. The Market operates year-round in the Santa Fe Railyard and hosts numerous events, including Cook With the Chef, Kids' Events, and Farm Tour.(more...)

SFC Farmers' Market, Downtown, at the Triangle, and at Sunset Valley

  Austin, TX

Now we are connecting farmers to consumers at two Saturday (year-round) markets--one at Sunset Valley and one at Republic Square Park downtown. There is also the Wednesday (year-round) at the Triangle. (more...)

S. B. Farms, Inc.

  Hurlock, MD

Founded in 1995, S.B. Farms, Inc. is family owned and operated by the Edwards family. Our passion for the Bison (American Buffalo) was born this same year and continues unabated today. Our Mission: To market healthy, all natural products. Our Bison are raised without the use of antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones. (more...)

Rye Farmers' Market

  Rye, NH    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

The Rye Farmer's Market is held every Wednesday from 2:30 to 5:30 from mid-June through late September. Our ongoing market theme is "What's for Dinner Wednesday". Every Wednesday you'll find delicious seasonal recipes as well as new and exciting dinner ideas with ingredients offered at that day's market. (more...)