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The Bourbon Red turkey, also known as the Bourbon Butternut or Kentucky Red, was named for Bourbon County, Kentucky, in the Bluegrass Region, where it originated. This large, handsome variety was developed from the Buff, an historic variety of turkey known in the Mid-Atlantic States. It resulted from stocks taken to Kentucky and selected for improved meat production and a darker red color. The American Poultry Association recognized the Bourbon Red variety in 1909, and it was ambitiously promoted. The Bourbon Red's supporters emphasized its production-oriented conformation, including a heavy breast and richly flavored meat.

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Valley View Organic Farm

  Elroy, WI    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

20+ Bourbon Red Turkeys available for Christmas ! We raise Pastered Organic simply because that is the way we like to farm because of health reasons for us and our animals. We have raised Pastured Broilers in the past and really liked the quality of the meat! It is just so much more flavorful than conventional meat. (more...)

Utah Natural Meat

  West Jordan, UT

Our mission is to provide clean, healthy beef, poultry and eggs for you and your family. Raising cattle since the days of a small southern Utah farm in 1947, we have always had a plentiful supply of meat. (more...)

Upstate Locally Grown Market

  Honea Path, SC

Our Market hosts 30 plus local, sustainable "growers", including artisans and bakers. Our farmers are sustainable, all-natural growers and our bakers use freshly ground, whole grains, or all-natural ingredients. There are soups, as well as pies and cheesecakes, breads, along with the staples of meat, milk, cheeses, eggs, coffee. (more...)

Two by Two Farm

  Victor, ID

We are a micro-farm dedicated to growing natural, healthy, and humanely raised food. We believe in sustainable farm practices and raising animals on all-natural pasture and grains. Our practices are much more labor intensive than conventional animal husbandry, but the taste and welfare of the livestock is undeniably superior. (more...)

Two Kids Poultry Farm

  Folsom, LA

Starting farm to raise larger poultry, mostly heritage breeds, through a managed pastured system. Currently selling turkeys and geese for the holidays, and will have some capons available in February.(more...)

Twirling Chickens Homestead

  Cumming, GA

Our goal at the homestead is to produce good clean food using sustainable methods for our family, friends, and the local community. The homestead currently produces pasture raised chickens for eggs and meat, hatching eggs, and garden produce. We are expanding into Nubian goats for raw milk and cheeses and heritage Bourbon Red Turkeys. (more...)