Bourbon Red Turkey

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The Bourbon Red turkey, also known as the Bourbon Butternut or Kentucky Red, was named for Bourbon County, Kentucky, in the Bluegrass Region, where it originated. This large, handsome variety was developed from the Buff, an historic variety of turkey known in the Mid-Atlantic States. It resulted from stocks taken to Kentucky and selected for improved meat production and a darker red color. The American Poultry Association recognized the Bourbon Red variety in 1909, and it was ambitiously promoted. The Bourbon Red's supporters emphasized its production-oriented conformation, including a heavy breast and richly flavored meat.

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The Shepherd's Market

  Big Prairie, OH

The Shepherds Market is a family owned & operated farm, with a licensed store on-site. (more...)

The Living Farm/TLC Greenhouse

  Paonia, CO

Here on the living farm growing naturally starts from the ground up. we work with the soil to create a nutrient and micro organism rich foundation for our plants to grow in. Animal fertilizer from our own organically raised livestock and crop rotation coupled with natural mineral nutrients feed the soil. (more...)

The Last Stand Farm

  Prineville, OR

We are your neighborhood farm that honors the soil and respects the waters. We sow healthy seeds that enhance the soil and provide nutritionally dense vegetables, herbs and flowers. Our hens provide rich eggs for you and lots of great fertilizer for our dirt. (more...)

The Hive & Hearth

  Leo, IN

We are a small family farm in northeast Indiana. The Eicher family has been living and working on this farm for over 50 years. In 1994, we began raising bees and grinding organic grains for bread and other baked goods. (more...)

The Hennery

  Forest City, NC

We are a small family farm dedicated to doing it the right way. We still do meats and eggs, but now have enough local buyers that we just can't advertise anymore. And I have branched out! I have always made herbal medicines for my family and friendsand I have decided to go global with them. (more...)