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The Buckeye chicken, appropriately developed in Ohio ("The Buckeye State") is a dual-purpose breed of chicken with a deep, lustrous red color of plumage. They have yellow legs and skin, and, thanks to their pea comb, are very cold-weather hardy. While Buckeyes adapt readily to a variety of living conditions, they do best under free-range conditions, or conditions where they have room to move around. Roosters weigh approximately nine pounds; hens weigh approximately six and a half pounds and lay medium-sized, brown eggs. They should not be confused with the similar-in-appearance Rhode Island Red.

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Katy's Chix

  Traverse City, MI

We sell fresh, delicious eggs on a self-serve basis. Our hens live in the pasture in the summer, and the barn in winter. They eat mostly non-GMO chicken food, and whatever they find in the pasture and under the hedge, plus restaurant, grocery, and kitchen scraps. The hens are of various breeds, some heritage, some fun, some expressly good layers. (more...)

KG Acres Farm and Featherwerks

  Lebanon, IN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Available now: frozen free-range heritage chickens and guinea fowl, fed only organic, non-GMO feed. Sorry, we are SOLD OUT of T-GIVING TURKEYS. (more...)

Island's End Farm

  Cathlamet, WA

Our mission at Island's End Farm is providing high quality vegetables grown to organic standards, promoting increased use and enjoyment of eating leafy greens, and continually nurturing the soil in which we have grown our vegetables for over 30 years. We grow small amounts of a large variety of vegetables. (more...)

ISeeSpots Farm

  Greensboro, NC

ISeeSpots Farm specializes in a wide variety of herbs, fresh and dried. We also have a wide selection of mints that are also available in season and dried throughout the year for teas. Our plants are fertilized exclusively from compost generated at the farm by our animals. (more...)

Hoelscher Farms llc

  New Knoxville, OH

Hoelscher Farms is a small farm dedicated to bringing quality,nutritious food directly to the consumer. From the farm to your family! We raise heritage breed chickens including Buckeyes, Silver Laced Wyandots, And barred Rock as well. All our chickens are fed Non-GMO feed. (more...)

Hidden Hollows

  Frewsburg, NY

HIdden Hollows is a small family farm producing a variety of products utilizing a fusion of forest and pasture based methods. Our products are chemical free, with no pesticides. Antibiotics are only used as a last resort, to save a animal's life as we believe that animals have the right to a humane life. (more...)