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The Buckeye chicken, appropriately developed in Ohio ("The Buckeye State") is a dual-purpose breed of chicken with a deep, lustrous red color of plumage. They have yellow legs and skin, and, thanks to their pea comb, are very cold-weather hardy. While Buckeyes adapt readily to a variety of living conditions, they do best under free-range conditions, or conditions where they have room to move around. Roosters weigh approximately nine pounds; hens weigh approximately six and a half pounds and lay medium-sized, brown eggs. They should not be confused with the similar-in-appearance Rhode Island Red.

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Asgard Farm

  Gibsonville, NC

We are SOY and GMO free! Asgard Farm is a small family farm following a sustainable, grass based agricultural model. We produce pastured poultry and eggs, heritage turkey, grass fed beef/lamb and pasture raised pork. (more...)

Arcadian Acres

  Shade , OH

Recently finished enough of the web site to publish it. We're still working on it and getting the farm fully restored and operational, we are doing everything we can to save and take over a family farm of over 100 years in Athens county Ohio. (more...)

Adoption Acres

  Burlington, WI

Adoption Acres gets its name for how our family was formed. Mom and 3 kids are we... joined forever by adoption in November 2009. We moved to our small 4-acre farm in August, 2010. Since that time, we've been working very hard to create a small, sustainable agricultural business. Our motto is "Local Food from our Family to Yours". (more...)

A Long Time Coming Farm

  Hudson, MI

We raise pastured poultry (heritage breed chickens), meat goats (Boer/Xs), meat sheep (Katahdin/Dorper/Barbados) and feeder pigs. We are all natural with no steroids, hormones or medications and only use natural fertilizers and insect control methods.(more...)

A Larrapin Garden

  Fayetteville, AR

We are gearing up to begin sharing herbs, herbal balms & salves handcrafted from ingredients grown on this Ozark hilltop with the help of a myriad of honeybees. Products offered via Green Fork Farmers Market, opening Wednesday May 9th in Fayetteville from 4-7 in the breezeway behind Nightbird Books on Dickson St.(more...)

2015 Frederick County Sheep Breeders (Maryland)

  Jefferson, MD    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

The Frederick County Sheep Breeders (FCSB) is a regional sheep and goat breeders & producers organization; with 80+ members from many Maryland Counties, plus a few members from Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Open to the FCSB website Home page. It's easy to search. Type in a product, person's name, farm name, etc. (more...)