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The Buckeye chicken, appropriately developed in Ohio ("The Buckeye State") is a dual-purpose breed of chicken with a deep, lustrous red color of plumage. They have yellow legs and skin, and, thanks to their pea comb, are very cold-weather hardy. While Buckeyes adapt readily to a variety of living conditions, they do best under free-range conditions, or conditions where they have room to move around. Roosters weigh approximately nine pounds; hens weigh approximately six and a half pounds and lay medium-sized, brown eggs. They should not be confused with the similar-in-appearance Rhode Island Red.

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Plum Creek Farm

  Valley City, OH    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

At Plum Creek Farm you will find three generations working side by side to bring you the freshest, highest quality local foods. Our farm has been in the family over 100 years and we are dedicated to protecting our land and caring for our animals. As always our products are free range, heritage breeds, hormone and antibiotic free. (more...)

Pinnacle Pastures

  Ripon, WI

Pinnacle Pastures Farm has been owned and operated by the family for over 60 years. Cody has taken over daily management of the farm which is certified organic. Additional rented acreage is in transition. No corn or soy is fed in poultry or swine diets. Preference is given to heritage breeds of livestock. (more...)

Piney Woods Ranch

  Winnsboro, TX    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Piney Woods Ranch is a Certified Naturally Grown Farm in northeast Texas. We raise heritage, slow growing breeds. Whether they are chickens, turkeys, or pigs our animal breeds are chosen for their heritage status and how well suited they are for our climate. (more...)

Phasian Farms

  Sherwood, OR

At Phasian Farms, I raise/breed heritage poultry breeds for the backyard enthusiast. These are birds raised to produce eggs, as well as for enhancement to the landscape & garden--often kept as pets. My focus is heritage & truly rare breeds as well as a few more common ones that I find companionable. (more...)

Pauley's Rowdy Acres

  Franklin Furnace , OH

Heritage Turkeys Heritage Pigs Free Range Chickens Herbal Concoctions Gifts(more...)

Pathfinders Farm

  Berry, KY

Pathfinders Farm sells hatching eggs, started birds, and laying hens from our flock of heritage chickens: large fowl Buckeyes. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has Buckeyes on their Critical list, and we are working to help expand the breeding flocks of these excellent dual purpose birds. (more...)