Corriente cattle

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The Corriente breed, also called Criollo, can be traced to the first cattle brought to the Americas by the Spanish explorers in the late 15th century. Few animals remain of this original breed because by the 1900's many ranchers in the Americas were upgrading their herds with modern beef cattle that gain weight more rapidly and efficiently.  Corriente are small, narrow, lean and agile cattle with medium-length curved horns. Today, Corriente cattle are bred for their sped and dexterity as excellent roping cattle, and are not raised for beef.

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Bunchgrass Beef, Magpie Ranch

  Joseph, OR

Hells Canyon and the Zumwalt Prairie of NE Oregon have been our home range for almost thirty years. This is where our family raises Bunchgrass Beef, an exceptionally flavorful, lean, artisan quality grassfed beef. (more...)

Arizona Legacy Beef

  Humboldt, AZ    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Our family has been raising cattle in Arizona for over 135 years. We raise premium quality heritage breed Criollo Cattle in the central region of Arizona that are finished on grass alone. Criollo beef has exceptional flavor and tenderness yet is lower in total fat, saturated fatty acids and cholesterol than traditional breeds. (more...)

6 Ranch

  Enterprise, OR

The 6 Ranch was homesteaded by our great grandparents in 1893, and our family continues to dedicate ourselves to the health of our land, animals and wildlife that we share our place with. We raise Corriente Cattle which are a choice of beef for Ark of Taste, Slow Food USA. (more...)