Cotton Patch goose

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Once commonplace on farms in the southeastern U.S., the Cotton Patch were used to weed cotton and corn fields up until the 1950s. The Cotton Patch is a "sleek" goose that resembles Greylag geese. The breed is light to medium-sized. Because of its smaller size, the breed has the ability to adjust to hot weather better than most of the heavier breeds of geese. Cotton Patch geese have the ability to fly well beyond their first year. The Cotton Patch goose is superbly adapted to sustainably managed farm systems since they need little to no intervention by their owners in order to thrive.

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Crowfoot Farm

  Amissville, VA

Crowfoot Farm is a family owned and operated farm in Amissville, Virginia. We began farming to provide clean, nutrient-dense, and humanely raised foods for our family and yours. Our goals include stewardship of the land, as well as the preservation of rare heritage breeds of livestock for future generations. (more...)

Blackbird Heritage Farm

  College Grove, TN

Our path to farming began with the desire to connect with our community and to push the limits of small-farm sustainability. It is our vision to be involved with every stage of the animals we raise and eat. (more...)