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The Delaware Chicken is a dual purpose chicken that produces good meat and eggs.  In 1940, George Ellis originally produced this chicken calling it the Indian River Chicken.  This almost entirely white bird was once one of the most popular broiler chickens in its area.  Starting in the late 1950's, the Cornish Rock cross came to dominate the industry.  Delaware Chickens are noted for their rapid growth and fast feathering of the chicks.  The birds are calm, friendly and fast growing. Cocks grow to 8 pounds and hen to 6 po

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Kirkwood Creek Cackleberries

  Cohocton, NY

We are currently closed - check back at a later time. Thank you(more...)

Kerusso Farms

  Cedar Springs, MI    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Kerusso Farms was officially started in 2010 but we have been gardening organically, on our fertile land, since 2004. We built our home, started a garden and then acquired many farm animals such as, chickens, cows, ducks, pigs, horses, goats, cats, dogs and recently a ferret. We have been using sustainable farming practices from the beginning. (more...)

Kallimani Farm

  Elkhart, IN

We are a small family farm located in northern Indiana. We raise our animals the way that God intended them to be raised. We have heritage breed laying hens. They are free to roam on pasture every day, eating all the bugs and grass they desire. The hens supplement their diet of bugs and grass with organic grain. (more...)

KG Acres Farm and Featherwerks

  Lebanon, IN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Available now: frozen free-range heritage chickens and guinea fowl, fed only organic, non-GMO feed. Sorry, we are SOLD OUT of T-GIVING TURKEYS. (more...)

Just~Laid Eggs!

  Sturgeon Bay, WI

We are a small, organic heritage poultry operation, providing organic, free~range, pastured eggs. We are also an NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat and practice predator conservation. Please call for egg pick-up or to arrange for weekly delivery in the Southern Door area while the hens are in lay. (more...)

Jen's Hens

  Riverhead, NY

Heritage Breed Chickens on Pasture Our pretty ladies reside in mobile hen houses in the pastures where they can forage for natural foods consisting of plants and bugs. They are also fed certified organic feed and oyster shell. (more...)