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The Delaware Chicken is a dual purpose chicken that produces good meat and eggs.  In 1940, George Ellis originally produced this chicken calling it the Indian River Chicken.  This almost entirely white bird was once one of the most popular broiler chickens in its area.  Starting in the late 1950's, the Cornish Rock cross came to dominate the industry.  Delaware Chickens are noted for their rapid growth and fast feathering of the chicks.  The birds are calm, friendly and fast growing. Cocks grow to 8 pounds and hen to 6 po

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Heirloom Country Farms

  Archer, FL

We are a small family owned and operated farm having started up in the Spring of 2006. We have free range, natural grain and grass fed, fresh home grown eggs, and pork, . We do NOT use any medicated feeds, antibiotics, commercial pesticides or commercial fertilizers. (more...)

Heaven Sent Food & Fiber

  Tahlequah, OK

Our sustainable family farm can provide you and your family with food for your table and fingers including: Weekly CSA drop off in Tahlequah. * Seasonal fresh vegetables, herbs & fruit * Honey * Free-range chicken and duck eggs * Alpaca fleece and yarn * Soft Merino fleece and yarn * Goats' milk & Honey Soaps (more...)

Healing Acres Farm

  Chesterfield, IL

At Healing Acres Farm, sustainable practices, preserving heritage breeds, education and local attention are our primary focus. We offer a large variety sustainably grown, chemical free produce, micro-greens and raise 100% grass-fed premium beef, lamb, goat, pastured pork, poultry and eggs. (more...)

Happy Mtn Farm

  Pikeville, TN

We are a small family run poultry farm specializing in rare and heritage breed poultry, and farm fresh free-range chicken and duck eggs. Goose eggs available in winter and spring. We also reclaim local lumber and sell eco-friendly farm furniture & lumber.(more...)

Hanson Family Farm

  Saint Hedwig, TX

We are a small family farm in South Texas. We run a pasture based operation, raising animals as they were meant to live, and feeding them only the things they are made to eat. We don't use chemicals on our land, or antibiotics in feed, either. We have tried to focus on heritage breeds and dual purpose breeds to preserve them. (more...)

Hansen Family Farm

  Canby, OR

**Grass-Fed Beef ** Pastured Poultry ** Farm Fresh Eggs ** Pastured Pork** ** Heirloom Vegetables ** Fruits ** Heirloom Nuts** (more...)