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The Delaware Chicken is a dual purpose chicken that produces good meat and eggs.  In 1940, George Ellis originally produced this chicken calling it the Indian River Chicken.  This almost entirely white bird was once one of the most popular broiler chickens in its area.  Starting in the late 1950's, the Cornish Rock cross came to dominate the industry.  Delaware Chickens are noted for their rapid growth and fast feathering of the chicks.  The birds are calm, friendly and fast growing. Cocks grow to 8 pounds and hen to 6 po

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Chickcharney Farm

  Wake Forest, NC    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Heritage breeds of poultry roam the pasture and woods of our small homestead in the North Carolina piedmont. Our family's mission: provide our community with healthy live poultry, gourmet quality poultry meat and eggs, microgreens, and mushrooms conserve rare heritage breeds of ducks, chickens, geese, and turkeys (more...)

Celestial Exotics

  Albia, IA

We raise heritage breeds of chickens for eggs, meat and feathers. We have geese and ducks also. Our goats are 100% grass based pasture except in winter in which they get hay and some grain. We have them for milk, fiber and meat. Our poultry are locked up at night but get to run around the farm in day light hours or are in chicken "tractors". (more...)

Catalpa Farm

  Columbia City, IN

Located in the heartland of Indiana, Catalpa Farm is dedicated to preserving Heritage Breeds, as designated by the American Livestock Breed Association. We've selected one of the most endangered chickens, the Delaware, to offer as an alternative to standard meat birds that are typically used on a pasture setting. (more...)

Castlemaine Farm

  Liberty, NC

2015 CSA sign ups are underway! Castlemaine Farm is located in the Snow Camp community of SW Alamance County, and 2015 will be our 12th growing season. In addition to offering CSA (more...)

Cascade Creek Farm

  Bonners Ferry, ID

Locally Grown, Free-Range Pastured Animals, Organic Principles and Great Taste - You can get it all in the Beef, Pork, Chicken and Eggs at Cascade Creek Farm! At Cascade Creek Farm, we are a small, diversified family farm. Our children participate with all our animals. Our animals and their lifestyle are very important to us. (more...)

Canyon & Valley Farm

  Lake Isabella, CA

We are a small farming operation. We do go to the Bakersfield Area once a week to drop off items. We do have a few different drop off points where people do come to meet us to pick up the food items that they ordered. We produce food items for all four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! (more...)