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The Dominique chicken, a moderate-sized breed, has black and white barring over the entire body and distinguishing rose comb (the comb is flat and flower-like). The Dominique's heavy plumage protects the bird in cold weather and is used commercially as material for pillows and featherbeds. Developed from introduced breeds from early New England settlements, the Dominique was widely distributed across the eastern US by mid-19th century.  The Dominique is hardy, does well on the open range as well as in confinement, and is generally a calm bird.  As a dual purpose bird, the hens lay light to dark brown

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Crane Dance Farm

  Middleville, MI

Named for the sandhill cranes that make the farm their home each spring, Crane Dance Farm nestles among the rolling hills, woodlands and wetlands of Barry County ~ a perfect setting for a grass-based, sustainable and humane farm. (more...)

Cranberry Hill Farm

  Ashford, CT

Cranberry Hill Farm is named for the wild cranberry bog that occupies a portion of the farm. Although we do not harvest the cranberries, we encourage their growth to serve as a food source for the ducks that migrate through our area every fall. (more...)

Covered Bridge Meadows

  McDonald, PA

At Covered Bridge Meadows we raise Murray Grey grass fed beef cattle from start to finish. We also raise Finnsheep and have lambs available as bottle lambs for 4H or grass finished lamb and fleeces for hand spinning. We have free ranged chicken eggs from Heritage breed chickens available year round for 3$ per dozen. (more...)

Countryside Grocery & Farmers Market

  Clifton Springs, NY

Countryside Grocery & Farmers Market in Clifton Springs, New York carries a full line of groceries, bulk food, produce, fruits, home made jams & Jellies, pickles, hard to find rare spices, baked goods, farm fresh eggs, NON GMO, Organic, and gluten free products. (more...)

Clucking It Up

  Kanab, UT

Here are Clucking It Up Farmstead, we are a small urban farm on almost 3 acres in Southern Utah. From the farm we currently offer eggs both chicken and duck eggs from our "spoiled" peepers and quackers. Our poultry is fed locally mixed grain as well as our own personalized fodder blend which is grown onsite. (more...)

Clearcreek Homestead

  Nova, OH

A small, eclectic family farm located outside of Savannah, Ohio. We currently offer fresh, free range chicken and duck eggs. We are hoping to expand into fresh, hormone and cage free/free range broilers and heritage breed chickens later this spring. (more...)