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The Guinea Hog is a small, black breed of swine that is unique to the United States, and was once the most numerous pig breed found on homesteads in the Southeast. The Guinea Hog became rare in recent decades as the habitat of the homestead hog disappeared. Today, Guinea Hogs are appropriate for use in diversified, sustainable agriculture. They are an excellent choice where there is need for the services of hogs (such as grazing, rooting, tilling compost and garden soil, and pest control) and also the desire for a small breed.

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Real Food Farms

  Franklin, TN

Our passion is growing local, flavorful and nutritious food using sustainable and biodynamic practices for the better health of our community and environment. We are located just 30 minutes south of Nashville in the Grassland Community between Franklin and Brentwood, Tennessee. We raise Cattle, Goats, and Sheep.(more...)

Prairie Farm Produce

  Hill Point, WI

Prairie Farm is a family farm using horse power to reduce the use of fossil fuels. We use Organic methods to produce a large variety of fresh healthy vegetables, for our CSA members and local farmer's markets. We are located between Baraboo and WI. Dells. across from the International Crane Foundation. (more...)

Placid Farms

  Emmett, KS

We our a small family farm offering American Guinea Hog breeding stock, pork, and free range eggs. We strive to raise our and your food as naturally as possible. Therefore, we strive to keep the livestock in the most natural environment they were made for, pasture. (more...)

Picklesnoot Farms

  Chiloquin, OR    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Here at Picklesnoot we raise corn free, soy free chickens for both meat and eggs. The broilers are freedom rangers raised in Salatin style chicken tractors. The layers (Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, and Americauna) enjoy free ranging all day then retreating to the safety of the coop and run at night. (more...)

Phoenix Farm

  Beech Island, SC

Find us on Facebook (Phoenix Farm Organics) to become a fan, or check out our website ( to follow our progress and see pictures of the farm and animals! Here at The Phoenix, we raise happy, healthy animals in a way that Mother Nature would approve! (more...)

Phoenix Farm

  Marlborough, NH

Phoenix Farm is a family-run livestock farm, with three generations living on the farm. We care about sustainable agriculture and preserving heritage breeds. We like to allow our animals to live according to their natures. Phoenix Farm produces pasture-raised pork and lamb, natural broilers, and chicken, duck, and goose eggs. (more...)