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The Guinea Hog is a small, black breed of swine that is unique to the United States, and was once the most numerous pig breed found on homesteads in the Southeast. The Guinea Hog became rare in recent decades as the habitat of the homestead hog disappeared. Today, Guinea Hogs are appropriate for use in diversified, sustainable agriculture. They are an excellent choice where there is need for the services of hogs (such as grazing, rooting, tilling compost and garden soil, and pest control) and also the desire for a small breed.

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Hog On The Range

  Florence, AL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Our farm is located in northern Florence and strives to follow organic and gmo free practices as well as integrated permaculture. We feed our animals food grown from the farm, or certified organic feed. We do not use antibiotics, or pesticides to treat our property. (more...)

Heritage Acres Farm

  Hurdle Mills, NC

Heritage AcresFarm has been in my family since 1779. I am honored to be the 7th generation to own and operate this farm in the Bushy Fork community of Hurdle Mills, NC. We use traditional organic methods, biodynamic preps, permaculture techniques, and other sustainable farming practices to care for our soil and our ecosystem. (more...)

Hardscrabble Yak Farm


On our family operated farm we enjoy tibetan yaks, icelandic sheep, dairy goats, llamas, guinea hogs, ducks, geese and a myriad of chickens. We grow lots of vegetables. We also grow gourds which I prepare and decorate. I love to make cheese and soap and yarn. We sell breeding stock when available.(more...)

Hamann Farms

  Niangua, MO

We raise pastured heritage hogs, free range hens, and honey bees. Our pork is antibiotic free, no growth hormones, nitrates or MSG. It is USDA inspected. Happy pigs are tasty! We sell raw wildflower honey. It is only filtered once through a stainless steel screen to keep out wax. We don't add water or corn syrup! (more...)

Hall's Family Farm

  Orleans, IN

I am a small farm raising heritage breeds of livestock, pastured raised fryers, and farm fresh eggs. I have American Guinea Hogs, Jacob and Horned Dorset sheep, and 10 different breeds of chickens. We also have a greenhouse and farm in Orleans, Indiana. We sell heritage veggie plants and produce in the spring and summer months.(more...)

Green Gate Farms

  Austin, TX

Our certified organic family farm uses sustainable growing methods to raise the tastiest vegetables, herbs, flowers and meat possible. Our food is all local, all the time! No synthetic pesticides/fertilizers ever. (more...)