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The Guinea Hog is a small, black breed of swine that is unique to the United States, and was once the most numerous pig breed found on homesteads in the Southeast. The Guinea Hog became rare in recent decades as the habitat of the homestead hog disappeared. Today, Guinea Hogs are appropriate for use in diversified, sustainable agriculture. They are an excellent choice where there is need for the services of hogs (such as grazing, rooting, tilling compost and garden soil, and pest control) and also the desire for a small breed.

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Grazy Days Family Farm

  Union Bridge, MD

We offer soy-free eggs from heritage hens ranging unhampered across acres of meadows and forest. We feed local, certified organic feed whenever available as well as Fertrell's cold-processed fishmeal for extra protein to the layers. We encourage our hens to raise their own chicks and supplement them with free choice kelp and assorted minerals. (more...)

Gibson Canyon Farm

  Vacaville, CA

Gibson Canyon Farm is located a 1.5 miles from the downtown of historic Vacaville, California. The farm has historically been used only for cattle, but this year we developed the water system, ripped the ground and planted our first crops on soil that has not seen pesticides or chemicals for over 70 years!. (more...)

Garden Family Farm

  Davidsonville, MD    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

At Garden Family Farm we believe that the health of a community starts with the health of our local ecosystem. In taking care of the health of our land we in turn are able to raise health happy livestock and plants. This results in meat and produce that is nutrient dense and that also tastes amazing. (more...)

Gamboling Goats Heritage Farm

  Eugene, OR

Gamboling Goats Heritage Farm, (GGHF), is a small start-up, heritage farm located in Eugene, Oregon. We currently sit on 20 acres of farm land in the Seavey Loop Area. Here at GGHF our mission is to preserve and promote heritage livestock. (more...)

Full Moon Farm

  Estacada, OR

Full Moon Farm is a small homestead farm outside of Estacada Oregon (40 minutes SE of Portland). We lovingly raise animals for our family table and to share with others. Our registered American Guinea Hogs are a rare, slow-growing heritage breed noted for their outstanding meat qualities. (more...)

Friendly Pastures


Welcome to Friendly Pastures, an Elgin Texas based, family owned, pasture-raised, better than organic farm, and sustainable farming educator. We look forward to providing your family with wonderful farm fresh produce, grass fed meat, or breeding stock to get you started producing for yourself. (more...)