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Gulf Coast sheep are descendents of Spanish flocks of sheep that were brought to the New World by explorers and settlers in the 1500's. The Spanish sheep in the Southeast were shaped primarily by natural selection, gradually becoming adapted to the heat and humidity of the environment.  The Gulf Coast sheep are characterized by the lack of wool on their faces, necks, legs, and bellies. Unfortunately, with the introduction of other, more productive sheep breeds in the Southeast, the Gulf Coast sheep were discarded by most farmers. The breed is now alive due to the preservation efforts of a few southern families

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Liberty Star Rabbitry

  Clarksville, TN

We naturally raise critically endangered American Chinchilla rabbits. They are naturally weaned and fed a grass-based diet. They are a very curious and playful breed, as well as, a superior meat rabbit. They have excellent mothering skills and produce healthy litters.(more...)

In Town Organics and Summer Fields

  Monteagle, TN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

In Town Organics and Summer Fields are run by Jess, Nate, Eli, Stella, and Josiah Wilson and student interns. We farm as a way to provide year round food and meaningful activity for our family and to improve the diversity of life in our soil. We practice sustainable agriculture and use many different techniques to grow our food. (more...)

God's Way Farms

  Midland City, AL

Please read!!!! Update: We are temporarily dealing with some Family/Estate issues that are directly attached to the farm. We ask that everyone interested send their contact info to us and we promise to notify everyone asap that normal memberships have resumed. Not offering memberships at this time. (more...)

Five Leaves Farm

  Blythewood, SC

After five eventful years of running our own farm, our little family has moved to the big city. Ben has taken a position as assistant manager at City Roots, a wonderful farm within the Columbia city limits. (more...)

Didaskalos Farm

  Donalds, SC

Welcome to Didaskalos Farm. By the providence of God we are now working our small farm in Donalds. SC. We started farming in Trinity, AL in 2004. So we have just a little experience now! :-) We have downsized a bit in our cow population but we have our well bred Jersey cow named Callie and we drink our milk raw! (more...)

Dayspring Dairy, LLC

  Gallant, AL

Alabama's first and only sheep dairy and makers of farmstead sheep milk cheeses. Please see our website for product availability. We do have a small amount of cheese remaining from 2014 production and can sell off farm. Seasonal Lamb: we have a crop of ram lambs that we sell for meat.(more...)