Jersey Buff Turkey

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The Buff, or Jersey Buff, is an historic variety of the mid-Atlantic region named for the beautiful color of its feathers. It was accepted by the American Poultry Association in 1874 but was never widespread. One obstacle to the breed's success was the difficulty of breeding birds to fit the color standard, which called for even buff throughout with light flight feathers. The breed's color was advantageous for processing because of the nearly white pinfeathers, though the Buff was not extensively selected for other performance qualities. Today there are very few Buff turkeys kept at the seasonal hatcheries in the US. A small number are being raised by exhibition breeders.

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Backyard Blessons Farm

  Muncy, PA

Backyard Blessons Farm is where it all started, a small backyard in Hughesville, PA. (more...)

Azure Dandelion

  Alton, MO

We are a family run farm located in the Southern Missouri / Northern Arkansas area. Our area of the country is rich in heritage. People of the Ozarks are known for Folk Art and creating things out of necessity. Gardening is also something done in this area out of necessity. Our art and farm are our only means of support for our family. (more...)

A Rare Breed, LLC

  Hedgesville, WV

A Rare Breed is a sustainable family farm operation dedicated to the promotion of local agriculture. Tennessee Fainting Goats, Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, Bluefaced Leicesters, New Hampshire Reds, and Delawares browse the mountain and provide eggs, meat and fiber. (more...)