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The Black and White Jersey Giant chickens are true to their name, as they are the largest capon table birds produced in the US.  The Jersey Giant was developed in New Jersey in the 1870s by crossing several large, Asiatic breeds, to meet the demand for caponized heavy fowl.  Both the White and Black Jersey Giants produce brown to dark brown eggs even through the cold winter.  Because it takes time to grow their large frame, they have little meat until about six months.  With such a long growth period, these chickens often lose out in the industry to more rapidly growing birds. Currently, there are fewer than 5,000 breeding birds for both the Black and White Jersey Giants in the

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Just~Laid Eggs!

  Sturgeon Bay, WI

We are a small, organic heritage poultry operation, providing organic, free~range, pastured eggs. We are also an NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat and practice predator conservation. Please call for egg pick-up or to arrange for weekly delivery in the Southern Door area while the hens are in lay. (more...)

Hulgan House Heritage Farms

  Montgomery, MN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Hulgan House Heritage Farms is a small, family owned and operated diversified farm in Montgomery, MN, about 50 miles southwest of the Twin Cities. (more...)

Hold On Farm

  Canton, TX    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Multi-species polyculture "grass farm" specializing in 100% pure grass-fed/finished Red Devon Cattle and St. Croix Hair Sheep. 65 acre family owned "grass farm" in Canton, Texas. We raise 100% grass-fed/finished beef and lambs, pastured poultry and eggs. We use zero chemicals or antibiotics on our animals or the land. (more...)

Helios Farms

  Yoncalla, OR    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Helios Farms is a Northwest Oregon based family farm based in Yoncalla, OR. We celebrate a grass-based economy and give precedence to our pasture, maintaining it with our cattle, chickens and hogs on a rotational grazing schedule. (more...)

Heaven Sent Food & Fiber

  Tahlequah, OK

Our sustainable family farm can provide you and your family with food for your table and fingers including: Weekly CSA drop off in Tahlequah. * Seasonal fresh vegetables, herbs & fruit * Honey * Free-range chicken and duck eggs * Alpaca fleece and yarn * Soft Merino fleece and yarn * Goats' milk & Honey Soaps (more...)

Hardscrabble Yak Farm


On our family operated farm we enjoy tibetan yaks, icelandic sheep, dairy goats, llamas, guinea hogs, ducks, geese and a myriad of chickens. We grow lots of vegetables. We also grow gourds which I prepare and decorate. I love to make cheese and soap and yarn. We sell breeding stock when available.(more...)