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The most distinctive feature of the Mulefoot hog is its solid hoof, which resembles that of a mule. It was bred to have a solid hoof rather than the typical cloven hoof to eliminate the threat of foot rot, thus making it suitable for wet areas. They fatten quite easily and a mature hog weighs in at the 500-600 pound range. The Mulefoot peaked in popularity about a century ago, with breeders found in most Midwestern and some southern states. As the amount of area for foraging decreased and the practice of feeding hogs in pens increased, the breed fell out of favor. The Mulefoot is today the most rare of American swine breeds.

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North Raleigh Farmers Market

  Raleigh, NC

Here at the North Raleigh Farmers Market we specialize in providing the public with goods from 75 miles around us. Our farmers are part of a cooperative working as a joint effort to provide the best possible experience around. We feature our many farmers who use a no spray philosophy and/or only offer animal welfare approved meats. (more...)

Mulberry Creek CSA

  Rockport, IN

We serve SW Indiana and Northern Kentucky around Owensboro / Evansville. Our garden shares are available through both the summer and fall harvest seasons with basket pick up locations at the farm and elsewhere. Each week, receive a basket of fresh vegetables and fruit (when available). (more...)

Mud Lake Farm

  Hudsonville, MI    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We offer a year-round CSA for salad crops grown in our biomass-heated hydroponic greenhouses. We grow many varieties of lettuce, including red and green varieties of leaf, butterhead, romaine, and batavia lettuces. We also grow arugula, bok choy, sorrel, swiss chard, and watercress, as well as other herbs on a seasonal basis. (more...)

Lockhart Family Farm

  Woodford, VA

The Lockhart Family Farm is a family owned and operated farm in Caroline County, Virginia. We focus on raising high quality rare and heritage breed pigs and poultry in a natural woodland environment. Our Animals are free-ranged with supplemental non-gmo grain. (more...)

HumbleRoots Heritage


Heritage hogs (American Mulefoot), heritage turkeys (Bourbon Reds), slow growing meat birds, farm fresh eggs, laying hens, Guinea Fowl, and Indian Runner ducks. All animals pastured and/or free range. All natural, always antibiotic free and un-medicated diets. (more...)

Honey Creek Farm

  Green Lake, WI

At Honey Creek Farm we are grass farmers specializing in grass-fed beef and pastured pork and we are gardeners specializing in garlic and leeks. We use only sustainable and natural practices to produce food that is wholesome and safe for your table and ours. (more...)