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The Narragansett turkey is named for Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. It descends from a cross between native Eastern Wild turkeys and domestic turkeys brought by English and European colonists. Improved and standardized for production qualities, the Narragansett was the foundation of the turkey industry in New England. The Narragansett variety is similar in color to the Bronze breed, though it is lighter in color and in build. The Narragansett is known for its calm disposition and maternal qualities, as well as early maturation, good laying, and excellent meat quality.

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Roman's Natural Farm

  Luther, MI

We are a small sustainable farm in Northern Michigan. We do not use any medications, growth hormones or additives. We raise chickens, guineas, heritage turkeys and ducks.(more...)

Rock House Farm Burke,LLC

  Morganton, NC

Rock House Farm LLC is a working farm . We sell Wagyu cattle, Wagyu beef, , English Heritage Breed Pork, Large Blacks , Gloucestershire Olde Spots and Berkshires, and Olde Style Dorset Sheep and Lamb. Additionally, we sell Label Rouge French Chickens, fresh eggs, whole French Mallard Ducks, Heritage Breed Narragansett Turkeys in the fall. (more...)

Rise and Shine Farms

  Fallon, NV

Rise and ShineFarms is a family-owned operated farm . We offer free range eggs. Free Range Chicken, Turkeys Ducks and Geese as well as naturally sustainably grown vegitables. Our laying hens and meat birds are raised the way nature intended, no antibiotics and allowed to roam free with fresh air and sunshine. .(more...)

Red Truck Farm

  Manitou, OK    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Red Truck Farm is a 4th generation family farm in southwestern Oklahoma. We stock heritage breeds that survive and thrive in our arid grassland environment. (more...)

Red Rope Farm

  Douglassville, PA

Red Rope Farm in Douglassville, PA was started in 2004 by Dave & Kim Day. We began with 2 dozen laying hens and our farm has grown very much since then. We now have about 30 hens, 6 ducks, 3 turkeys, a goat and 12 sheep. We focus on grass feeding at Red Rope Farm because it is most natural for the animals. (more...)

Re-Creation Ranch

  Peoria, TX

Re-Creation Ranch encompasses many varied and diversified operations. Our objective is to produce food products in a sustainable manner using only natural non-synthetic materials coupled with knowledgeable management techniques. Our primary function is to teach others how they can produce and process their own commodities. (more...)