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The Narragansett turkey is named for Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. It descends from a cross between native Eastern Wild turkeys and domestic turkeys brought by English and European colonists. Improved and standardized for production qualities, the Narragansett was the foundation of the turkey industry in New England. The Narragansett variety is similar in color to the Bronze breed, though it is lighter in color and in build. The Narragansett is known for its calm disposition and maternal qualities, as well as early maturation, good laying, and excellent meat quality.

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Miracle Acres Farm

  Massillon, OH

We are a small family farm located on 13 acres. After raising Cornish-X broilers for a couple of years, we have adapted the "slow" grow method and raise heritage breed where possible. We now pasture raise a small number of Jersey steers, Narragansett turkeys, Golden comet layers and Rainbow ranger broilers.(more...)

Middle Tennessee Turkeys

  Cunningham, TN

Family farm getting established to breeding, raising, and preserving quality Heritage turkeys Located on the second highest point in Montgomery County, Middle Tennessee Turkeys is dedicated to providing you with superior quality turkeys ready for pickup or delivery. (more...)

Meyer Beefalo Farm

  Elysian, MN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Beefalo by the 1/4's or 1/2's or state inspected individual packages. Pasture raised, lean, healthy meat. Pasture raised Red Wattle pork (heritage breed), 1/2's or whole or state inspected individual packages, known for their lean, flavorful meat. (more...)

Manda Organic Farm

  Plainfield, MA

Nestled in the beautiful Hilltowns of Western Mass, Manda Farm raises and sells organic meats from pasture-raised, heritage breed pigs, goats, and cattle. Organic eggs year round. Rare breed turkeys pre-ordered for Thanksgiving. Gloucestershire Old Spot breeder pigs for sale. (call) Organic heirloom vegetables in season. (more...)

Lundr Farm

  Elfrida, AZ

We have free range Nigerian Dwarf Goats (registered) and other mini milk/meat goats, free range Barbary duck x's for meat and runner ducks for eggs, a mix of heritage chickens, Black and Naragansette turkeys and Cortunix quail for meat and eggs. We also have a small, well established orchard and acres of gardens. (more...)

Long Shadow Farm

  Berthoud, CO    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Long Shadow Farm is a small, family-run farm in beautiful Berthoud, Colorado. We raise poultry, lamb and eggs on our small farm. Our chickens and turkeys are free-range birds, happy and healthy to forage on our pasture. Our lambs are grass fed, and live with their mother ewes their whole life. We use no antibiotics and no hormones in our animals. (more...)