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The Narragansett turkey is named for Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. It descends from a cross between native Eastern Wild turkeys and domestic turkeys brought by English and European colonists. Improved and standardized for production qualities, the Narragansett was the foundation of the turkey industry in New England. The Narragansett variety is similar in color to the Bronze breed, though it is lighter in color and in build. The Narragansett is known for its calm disposition and maternal qualities, as well as early maturation, good laying, and excellent meat quality.

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Little Island Farm

  Cathlamet, WA

Little Island Farm is located on beautiful Puget Island in the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon, 25 miles west of Longview, WA. We offer a variety of farm fresh products, lovingly grown in a natural environment on our farm. (more...)

Lipes Family Farm

  West Branch, IA

We are a small, diversified family farm with a strong focus on humane animal husbandry and sustainable farming practices. We specialize in pastured meats and eggs and also grow a limited amount of produce. We find it important to be involved in all stages of an animal's life, so we proudly process our poultry on-farm. (more...)

Lindenhof Farm LLC

  Kirkwood, PA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We are a three-generation family farm striving to produce high quality grass-fed meat products. Currently we have chickens, turkeys, ducks, lambs, steers and pigs out grazing fresh green grass. (more...)

Legacy Manor Farm

  Boonsboro, MD

We are all natural, humane breeders of Gloucestershire Old Spot, Large Black and Berkshire pork; Kardosh Bronze, Narragansett, and Beltsville turkeys; Broadbreasted Bronze and White turkeys; Angus and Wagyu/Angus beef. (more...)

Laughing Owl Farm

  Richfield, NC

As our business card says, we grow "naturally grown stuff" and have been since 1989. We grow organically and became certified organic in the mid-1990's. We abandoned the use of the word organic when the USDA begin oversight of organic certification in 2003. (more...)

Krempl Farm

  Kingston, NY

Our chickens and turkeys are raised on pasture in an outdoor movable pen which is moved to fresh grass daily. This means our birds are in the fresh air, with their choice of natural grass, bugs, or all natural feed. This makes for great, healthy living for the birds!(more...)