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The Narragansett turkey is named for Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. It descends from a cross between native Eastern Wild turkeys and domestic turkeys brought by English and European colonists. Improved and standardized for production qualities, the Narragansett was the foundation of the turkey industry in New England. The Narragansett variety is similar in color to the Bronze breed, though it is lighter in color and in build. The Narragansett is known for its calm disposition and maternal qualities, as well as early maturation, good laying, and excellent meat quality.

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Bramble Hollow Farm

  Montvale, VA

At Bramble Hollow Farm, we'd love to be your local source for pastured poultry, pastured pork, and eggs from free ranging hens! Specializing in heritage breeds of chickens, turkeys, and hogs we're committed to growing these wonderful animal breeds and to using GMO-free feeds. (more...)

Bobb-Donnelly Family Farm

  Thornville, OH

We are a small homestead raising Pastured heritage breed chickens, turkeys, ducks and Pigs. All our animals are pastured and supplemented with certified non GMO grain. No vaccines no antibiotics. Our primary goal in raising these animals is for the utmost nutritional value to feed our family. We are blessed to have a little extra to share. (more...)

Bluebird Farm

  Waterville, VT

We are a small, diversified farm in Waterville, VT where we raise a bit of everything including pasture-raised, organic pork, lamb, chicken, guinea, turkey and eggs. Pork and lamb are available as sides or whole animals. (more...)

Blueberry Acres Farm

  Washburn, MO

Hey-thanks for checking us out! We are a small family owned/run farm in southern Missouri near the MO/AR border. We started Blueberry Acres Farm a few years ago when we decided to make the journey from "big city living" to a more bucolic life in the country. (more...)

Blue Spoon Farm

  Groton, NY

The geese are laying again! The girls have start laying about 8 eggs a day In 2013 we added a few Toulouse layers, 2014 we added white Chinese geese.It takes a full year to raise a goose to maturity and her first eggs are small. We are looking for a market to sell for our eggs this year. (more...)

Blue Goose Farms

  Surprise, AZ

We are a small scale farm located in surprise. We raise chickens and turkeys on usda certified organic feed and pasture. We do not use any herbicide or pesticide. We do not use any antibiotics, hormones, or any other sort of vaccine on our animals. We have very happy hens who lay beautiful eggs for us. (more...)