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The New Hampshire Chicken is a bird with a deep, broad body.  It is medium in weight making it a plump roasting bird, and has yellow skin with medium-to-light red feathers.  The bird produces actively brown eggs.  The New Hampshire was bred from the Rhode Island Red Chicken and selected specifically for its growth, fast feathering, early maturity and vigor.  There are currently fewer than 5,000 breeding birds left with ten or fewer breeding flo

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Kerusso Farms

  Cedar Springs, MI    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Kerusso Farms was officially started in 2010 but we have been gardening organically, on our fertile land, since 2004. We built our home, started a garden and then acquired many farm animals such as, chickens, cows, ducks, pigs, horses, goats, cats, dogs and recently a ferret. We have been using sustainable farming practices from the beginning. (more...)

Kayam Farm Kitchen and Bakery

  Allendale, MI

Kayam Farm Kitchen and Bakery is a homestead based bakery that proudly uses locally grown and organic ingredients in all of their products. We bake whole grain breads, breakfast cookies, and baked treats for the sweet tooth. We also make quiche using our own free range eggs and organically grown veggies from our garden. (more...)

Katy's Chix

  Traverse City, MI

We sell fresh, delicious eggs on a self-serve basis. Our hens live in the pasture in the summer, and the barn in winter. They eat mostly non-GMO chicken food, and whatever they find in the pasture and under the hedge, plus restaurant, grocery, and kitchen scraps. The hens are of various breeds, some heritage, some fun, some expressly good layers. (more...)

Kallimani Farm

  Elkhart, IN

We are a small family farm located in northern Indiana. We raise our animals the way that God intended them to be raised. We have heritage breed laying hens. They are free to roam on pasture every day, eating all the bugs and grass they desire. The hens supplement their diet of bugs and grass with organic grain. (more...)

K&M Farm

  North Andover, MA

We are a small farm run by my wife Maricela and my self. Specializing in Indian Game Bird. That are free range all organic all though not certified. We have a limited supply of all organic fresh Cornish Game Hens that are raised free range. Also fresh eggs daily from our free range Road Island Red Hens. (more...)

Jones 5 Star Ranch

  Bloomfield, IN

On our little homestead we do not use chemcials. We try to raise all our animals as naturally as possible, out in the awesome sunshine on good woodlands and meadows! We have a well rounded homestead with Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats, Angora Goats, Shetland Sheep, American Guinea hogs, Mini hogs and chickens. (more...)