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The New Hampshire Chicken is a bird with a deep, broad body.  It is medium in weight making it a plump roasting bird, and has yellow skin with medium-to-light red feathers.  The bird produces actively brown eggs.  The New Hampshire was bred from the Rhode Island Red Chicken and selected specifically for its growth, fast feathering, early maturity and vigor.  There are currently fewer than 5,000 breeding birds left with ten or fewer breeding flo

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The Paradise Market

  Paradise, UT

We strongly support and encourage self-reliance, sustainability, charity, and community involvement. We welcome anyone sharing similar interests.(more...)

The Medina Farm

  Wharton, TX    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

The Medina Farm uses biodynamic principles to support herb, vegetable, orchard, berry and livestock production on 4 acres in Wharton. In season products are available at the Medina Farm Shop 241 W. Milam Mon-Thurs 9-5, Fri 9-12; nights and weekends at the farm by appointment. (more...)

The Farmer's Wife

  Bessemer, PA

Located on the Ohio-Pa border, our 100 acre farm has been in the family for generations. Our heritage breeds are naturally-raised on organic pastures. The animals are fed only soy-free, organic grains (no hormones, medication or animal by-products), grown here on the farm plus all the green grass, clover and bugs they can eat. (more...)

The Family Farm

  Hilliard, FL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Eggs at The Family Farm are produced from hens out on pasture and in adjoining wooded areas, rain or shine, eating bugs, fresh grass, and other 100% natural foods. We never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. (more...)

Thames Farm

  Fort Lawn, SC    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Thames Farm is your source for Natural Berkshire Pork, nestled on 82 acres just outside of Fort Lawn, SC in Chester County. Thames Farm provides a safe, all-natural home to breed, farrow and raise Registered Berkshire hogs humanely with no added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. (more...)

Tangle Tree Ranch

  Doyon, ND

We are a small family farm, located in Doyon, which is by Devils Lake, ND. It has been in our family for many generations. We raise vegetables, fruits, chevon, lamb, goats, chickens for butchering on CSA subscription, eggs for sale, grass feed beef and Norwegian Dole horses. (more...)