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The rich, reddish-black plumage and red comb of the "Old-Type" Rhode Island Red chicken is an iconic symbol of American agriculture. It is a successful dual-purpose bird, and an excellent-tempered farm chicken, with a highly productive brown egg-laying rate.  Since the 1940's, the Rhode Island Red has been selectively bred for more efficient egg production, becoming smaller, lighter colored, and less broody as a result. Of greatest conservation interest are the "Old-Type" Rhode Island Reds, which are larger, darker, and more broody. The "Old-Type" Rhode Island Red chicken has an incredibly rich flavor that is most appropriate for (and best released in) stews

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Shell Bell Farm

  Fennville, MI

Shell Bell Farm features CSA shares and at-the-farm sales of produce, culinary herbs, fresh flowers, poultry, eggs, and baked goods. Located 1/2 mile south of Douglas on Blue Star Highway, 2014 is the first full year of operation for Shell Bell Farm. We began our transition to organic certification in 2013. (more...)

Shady Grove Ranch

  Jefferson, TX

100% Grass-fed and grass-finished beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken, pastured eggs, pastured turkey. We are a small family farming operation dedicated to raising our animals right. (more...)

Sea Side Farm

  Atlantic, VA

We are now raising Pasture chickens heritage breeds. In the spring we will expand to wide variety of vegetables. We currently have eggs, live birds and Cornish Rock Cross raised on grass. Peeps available are Delaware,Rhode Island red ,and Brahama's buff&light.(more...)

Salamander Springs Farm: Susana's Perma-organics

  Berea, KY    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Since 2002, Salamander Springs Farm has produced market crops without tillage, fertilizers or pesticides. This farm & homestead was created from scratch by developing & recycling local resources, energy & nutrients. (more...)

Saint Johns Family Farm

  Saint Johns, FL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

PLEASE NOTE: We love Local Harvest and this site gave us our first web presence. We continue to meet many of you through this site, but would like to make you aware that our web page contains much more information and the link appears on this page under 'Contact Info'. Please see our web page for prices, pictures, directions and much more. (more...)