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The rich, reddish-black plumage and red comb of the "Old-Type" Rhode Island Red chicken is an iconic symbol of American agriculture. It is a successful dual-purpose bird, and an excellent-tempered farm chicken, with a highly productive brown egg-laying rate.  Since the 1940's, the Rhode Island Red has been selectively bred for more efficient egg production, becoming smaller, lighter colored, and less broody as a result. Of greatest conservation interest are the "Old-Type" Rhode Island Reds, which are larger, darker, and more broody. The "Old-Type" Rhode Island Red chicken has an incredibly rich flavor that is most appropriate for (and best released in) stews

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Old Gates Farm

  Castleton, VT

We are a small, diversified family farmstead on 13 acres that loves to grow organic, heirloom vegetables. We also have a 2 acre sugarbush and sell woodfired maple syrup. We raise and sell pastured pork and offer farm-fresh milkshares, too.(more...)

Old Bluestone Wall Homestead

  Shohola, PA

The Old Bluestone Wall Homestead is a small sustainable farm in Shohola, PA that raises heritage breed animals and heirloom fruits and vegetables in the most natural and organic way possible. We have fresh free-range chicken eggs available. Guinea eggs are available by request and duck eggs will be available this summer. (more...)

Oak Spring Farm

  Freeland, MD

Oak Spring Farm is a small, family farm focused on providing our family and yours the freshest, most nutritious, organically grown produce and pastured GMO free eggs available. We are Animal Welfare Approved and currently undergoing organic certification for our sustainable vegetable production. (more...)


  Smithfield, KY

Just like grandpa and grandma did it! Small, diversified, balanced organic farm with the goal of providing first for family and community healthy nutritional needs. Chickens for eggs and meat, goats for milk and meat, horses for recreation and pasture management . . . as well as garden compost materials. (more...)

North Plain Farm & Blue Hill Farm

  Great Barrington, MA

Blue Hill Farm and North Plain Farm is a small, sustainable and diversified farm, operated in two places in Great Barrington, MA. We are strongly committed to the health and welfare of our animals and a humane way of treating them. All of the animals are fed their natural diet and spend their days in their natural environment outdoors. (more...)

North Fork Farm

  Nicholasville, KY    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

North Fork Farm is your source for Animal Welfare Approved Eggs. We raise pasture raised heritage pork. They get to root and forage, and in the fall they eat the black walnuts that fall from our walnut tree's. We raise free range pasture poultry. Free range means that they are not in cages of any kind. (more...)