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In the 1500's Spanish explorers brought a population of pigs to the Americas.  These pigs became the foundation population for both domestic and feral pigs; one breed of which is the Ossabaw, a feral breed found on Ossabaw Island, off the coast of Georgia.  The Ossabaw is the closest genetic representative of historic Spanish stocks because the population remained on the island where it did not come into contact with mainland breeds.  Currently it is not possible to import the animals directly from Ossabaw Island due to quarantine restrictions. However small groups of these hogs, descendents from those brought from the island in the 1970s, can be found on the mainland and are in need of major conservation effort

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Tri-City Tailgate Farmers' Market

  Forest City, NC

The Southern Foothills Growers proudly present the opening of the Tri-City Tailgate Farmers' Market 2010 on Saturday May 15th from 8 am - 12 pm. The Tri-City Tailgate Farmers' Market is located in the parking lot beside Retro Cinema at the Tri-City Mall. (more...)

Swede Farm

  Waller, TX

Swede Farm is an artisanal family goat dairy in Field Store, Texas (Waller Co.) owned by Tim and LeeAnne Carlson. We produce high quality fresh goat milk, cheese, yogurt, and kefir. We sell at Houston and Austin area farmers markets as well as on the farm. We also raise the heritage breed Ossabaw Island Hog and Bourbon Red Turkeys.(more...)

Spruill Bros. Pastured Meats

  Windsor, NC

Spruill Bros. provides fresh, quality meat from humanely raised livestock. Spruill Bros. Pastured Meats is located in Bertie County, NC, southeast of the town of Windsor, NC on the historic "Jacock's Landing" farm along the Cashie River about a mile up river from the Sans Souci ferry. Spruill Bros. (more...)

Retreat Farm

  Rapidan, VA

At Retreat Farm we follow sustainable farming practices in the production of our pastured lamb and eggs; our vegetables and small fruits. We market our products to our neighbors and area chefs choosing to support sustainable farms by varying their menus with seasonal local produce.(more...)

Pinehold Gardens

  Oak Creek, WI    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We are accepting applications for the 2015 CSA season We own a 21 acre farm in the Metropolitan area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 20 minutes from Downtown. (more...)

North Fork Farm

  Nicholasville, KY    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

North Fork Farm is your source for Animal Welfare Approved Eggs. We raise pasture raised heritage pork. They get to root and forage, and in the fall they eat the black walnuts that fall from our walnut tree's. We raise free range pasture poultry. Free range means that they are not in cages of any kind. (more...)