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In the 1500's Spanish explorers brought a population of pigs to the Americas.  These pigs became the foundation population for both domestic and feral pigs; one breed of which is the Ossabaw, a feral breed found on Ossabaw Island, off the coast of Georgia.  The Ossabaw is the closest genetic representative of historic Spanish stocks because the population remained on the island where it did not come into contact with mainland breeds.  Currently it is not possible to import the animals directly from Ossabaw Island due to quarantine restrictions. However small groups of these hogs, descendents from those brought from the island in the 1970s, can be found on the mainland and are in need of major conservation effort

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Nature's Harmony Farm

  Elberton, GA

Hi, and thanks for reading about Nature's Harmony Farm! Now open, we are a new, sustainable farm located in Elberton, GA, about 2 hours east of Atlanta, operated by Tim and Liz Young. In 2006, we joined a growing movement of people who have grown tired of the industrial system. (more...)

M& B Farview farm

  hamburg, PA

We raise range fed chickens and eggs, guineas, ducks, geese,Nubian and Oberhasli goats,sheep, heritage breed Tamworth,Ossabaw, berkshire and Old spot pigs, Mini Hereford,Mini Jersey, Standard Jerseys,Milking devon, ,goat and cow products. We offer chemical free pasture raised meats, milk and eggs. Nitrate free USDA packaged meats. (more...)

Losing Creek Farm

  Everton, MO

Losing Creek Farm is a small family farm offering fresh, sweet raw milk from our LaMancha dairy goats. CAE/CL free herd. Grass-fed beef/chevon available seasonally. Milk fed pastured pork by special arrangement. Located in Everton, MO.(more...)

Little Seed Farm

  Lebanon, TN

Little Seed Farm is a little different. There's no monoculture to be found. Instead, we operate a diversified farm where all of our animals live outdoors, rotationally grazing on fresh pastures in the open air. We use organic and sustainable methods to produce healthy and natural products. (more...)

Little Creek Plantation

  Brunson, SC

We are a small family farm raising Heritage livestock and certified organic produce.(more...)

Laughing Water Farm

  Marion, VA

Growing naturally for you and our earth! We are located along the mountain headwaters of the Middle Fork of the Holston River. We use natural and sustainable practices to produce chemical-free hay and healthy grass-fed lamb, Ossabaw Island pork and classically-aged Angus beef. (more...)