Pineywoods cattle

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One of the earliest breeds of cattle in US history, the Pineywoods, has currently dwindled to less than 200 hardy individuals. The Pineywoods is a rugged breed that is well adapted to the humid South. The Pineywoods Cattle are humpless and have variable horn shape and length with a hide color ranging from black and roan, to yellow, to red and white spotted. There is current interest in preserving the Pineywoods breed because of an appreciation of its environmental adaptations to place and its cultural heritage in the Gulf Coast states. They are listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and are on RAFT's list of the Top Ten Endangered Foods in America

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Earth Markets, Greenville SC

  Greenville, SC

What is an Earth Market? Earth Markets are farmers' markets that have been established according to guidelines that follow the Slow Food philosophy of Good Clean and Fair. (more...)

Deep South Graziers

  Rutledge, GA

DEEP SOUTH GRAZIERS At Deep South Graziers we are working to conserve Heritage Breed Cattle. Three of the four breeds we raise are listed as critical by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy (Florida Cracker, Pineywood, and Milking Devon) and the fourth(Scottish Highland) is recovering. (more...)

Camp Topisaw

  Summit, MS

Camp Topisaw is our home--95 acres on the beautiful Topisaw Creek in southwest Mississippi. Here we raise lots of things--wonderful children, loud guineas, hardy palm trees--and make lots of things--shea butter soap, natural wax candles, healthy skin care products. (more...)

Bayou Farm

  Ville Platte, LA

At Bayou Farm, we believe in working with nature--the soil, microorganisms, and pasture plants--to produce healthy, delicious meats. We use management intensive grazing, moving our livestock in complementary rotations through our pastures, to optimize both animal and pasture plant performance. (more...)

B & B Family Farm

  Cave Spring, GA

B & B Family Farm is a family owned farm in northwest GA. We are currently raising critically endangered Pineywood cattle- Holt and Broadus lines, critically endangered Large Black hogs and watch listed Dominique poultry. All animals are grass-fed and rotationally grazed. The cattle in an intensive fashion - they are moved every day. (more...)