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As a hardy, docile, broody and excellent producer of both meat and eggs, which it lays year-round, the Plymouth Rock Chicken is a quintessential American breed.  This bird was developed in the mid-19th century as a dual-purpose chicken.   The chicken has yellow skin and lays eggs that are varying shades of brown. The Plymouth Rock was probably developed in Massachusetts, hence its name, but until World War II, the Plymouth Rock chicken was not known in the US.  The ALBC classifies the Plymouth Rock in the recovering category and emphasizes that the bird is still in need of continuing support, promotion and conservat

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Heritage Farms

  Jacksonville, FL

Heritage Farms is on an urban site in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville. We are growing delicious vegetables, raising chickens for fresh eggss and we'll soon be farming fish. Our use of natural practices includes vermiculture, composting, heirloom varieties, seed saving and sharing ,living soil production, integrated pest management, etc. (more...)

Heaven Sent Food & Fiber

  Tahlequah, OK

Our sustainable family farm can provide you and your family with food for your table and fingers including: Weekly CSA drop off in Tahlequah. * Seasonal fresh vegetables, herbs & fruit * Honey * Free-range chicken and duck eggs * Alpaca fleece and yarn * Soft Merino fleece and yarn * Goats' milk & Honey Soaps (more...)

Healing Acres Farm

  Chesterfield, IL

At Healing Acres Farm, sustainable practices, preserving heritage breeds, education and local attention are our primary focus. We offer a large variety sustainably grown, chemical free produce, micro-greens and raise 100% grass-fed premium beef, lamb, goat, pastured pork, poultry and eggs. (more...)

Harvest Haven Farm

  Hager City, WI

We are a small farm concentrating on organic practices and non- GMO varieties of seed for the freshest possible produce. It is truly amazing the difference in the taste of heirloom varieties and has been so gratifying to be a part of this revolution in bringing local crops to the consumer. (more...)

Happy Mtn Farm

  Pikeville, TN

We are a small family run poultry farm specializing in rare and heritage breed poultry, and farm fresh free-range chicken and duck eggs. Goose eggs available in winter and spring. We also reclaim local lumber and sell eco-friendly farm furniture & lumber.(more...)