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As a hardy, docile, broody and excellent producer of both meat and eggs, which it lays year-round, the Plymouth Rock Chicken is a quintessential American breed.  This bird was developed in the mid-19th century as a dual-purpose chicken.   The chicken has yellow skin and lays eggs that are varying shades of brown. The Plymouth Rock was probably developed in Massachusetts, hence its name, but until World War II, the Plymouth Rock chicken was not known in the US.  The ALBC classifies the Plymouth Rock in the recovering category and emphasizes that the bird is still in need of continuing support, promotion and conservat

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Green Finned Hippy Farms

  Pocahontas, IL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We are an All Natural, Locally Owned and Operated farm in Pocahontas, IL. Our products are available for purchase off of the farm during the week by appointment or during �Open Farm� hours which are typically each Saturday from 10am � 4pm, unless otherwise posted on our Facebook page. (more...)

Green Earth Farm

  Richmond, IL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Now accepting signups for the 2015 season! Why don't your kids eat their veggies? Maybe they've never tasted fresh picked, non-GMO, heirloom vegetables before! At Green Earth Farm our goal is to provide healthy, organically grown produce,eggs and honey for our CSA members. (more...)

Granite Lake Goats

  Libby, MT

We are a small, family run farm in Libby, MT that raises dairy goats for milking and chevon/cabrito(meat) that is humanely raised on local grasses and our chemical-free pasture. They get grain from a local mill in Bonner's Ferry, ID at milking time. We use no hormones and only use antibiotics if necessary. (more...)

Gorman Heritage Farm

  Evendale, OH    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Gorman Heritage Farm is a 122 acre non-profit educational farm. We raise and sell produce, eggs, chicken, beef, and pork to support our educational programming. Please call (513) 563-6663 to ask about what is available seasonally.(more...)

God's Way Farms

  Midland City, AL

Please read!!!! Update: We are temporarily dealing with some Family/Estate issues that are directly attached to the farm. We ask that everyone interested send their contact info to us and we promise to notify everyone asap that normal memberships have resumed. Not offering memberships at this time. (more...)

Goat House Farms

  Buckingham, PA

Here at Goat House Farms we produce clean organic vegetables, herbs, micro greens, edible flowers, pastured eggs, heirloom chickens and turkeys. Direct from the Farm to your kitchen - We hand-harvest daily to guarantee you receive the freshest, most flavourful produce available. (more...)