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As a hardy, docile, broody and excellent producer of both meat and eggs, which it lays year-round, the Plymouth Rock Chicken is a quintessential American breed.  This bird was developed in the mid-19th century as a dual-purpose chicken.   The chicken has yellow skin and lays eggs that are varying shades of brown. The Plymouth Rock was probably developed in Massachusetts, hence its name, but until World War II, the Plymouth Rock chicken was not known in the US.  The ALBC classifies the Plymouth Rock in the recovering category and emphasizes that the bird is still in need of continuing support, promotion and conservat

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Chicory Farm and Inn

  Bloomfield, NY

Welcome to Chicory Farm and Inn! Located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, we are a small family farm that raises a growing combination of animals and plants in a conscientious and responsible way, and a modern bed and breakfast that features local art and agritourism! (more...)

Chicken Thistle Farm

  Walworth, NY

Started five years ago as a farmstead to mainly a supply healthy, natural, local food to our own table and the demand for our chickens and produce quickly outstripped our supply. We found friends and family clamoring for the extra we produced so each year we have offered more selection and quantity. (more...)

Chicken Scratch Acres

  Pine Bush, NY

`Welcome to Chicken Scratch Acres, a tiny little farm in the most beautiful place-the Hudson Valley! We are a small homestead farm that practices organic farming. We raise heritage breeds of chicken, duck and goose. All our birds are free range, and our eggs are hand gathered and sorted. (more...)

Chicken Hues

  Wanatah, IN

We believe there is a simple goodness that comes from going to the backyard for the food we need. Fresh has new meaning when it means gathering still-warm eggs throughout the day for our meals! We provide quality food, housing, and living conditions for our egg layers and meat chickens. (more...)

Chander Hill Farm, formerly Jumping Jack Garlic

  Burton, OH

We are a diversified, sustainable farm raising truly grass fed heritage lamb and beef. We raise pastured poultry and ducks, and we have a small flock of layers for eggs, who are fed non GMO, non medicated feed. We also grow 25 varieties of hardneck and softneck gourmet garlic on our 60 acre farm in Geauga County in NE Ohio. (more...)

Caulpris Farm

  Juda, WI

We are a small traditional family farm. We naturally & humanely raise animals on our 10 acre farm in SW Wisconsin. Our animals enjoy the sunshine, dirt, and pesticide and herbicide free pastures. Our pigs and meat chickens are fed grains but are routinely allowed access to fresh grass/pasture. (more...)