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As a hardy, docile, broody and excellent producer of both meat and eggs, which it lays year-round, the Plymouth Rock Chicken is a quintessential American breed.  This bird was developed in the mid-19th century as a dual-purpose chicken.   The chicken has yellow skin and lays eggs that are varying shades of brown. The Plymouth Rock was probably developed in Massachusetts, hence its name, but until World War II, the Plymouth Rock chicken was not known in the US.  The ALBC classifies the Plymouth Rock in the recovering category and emphasizes that the bird is still in need of continuing support, promotion and conservat

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Black Sheep Meadows


Black Sheep Meadows Farm is located at the base of the beautiful Moosic Mountains in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Our 75 acre farm, integrates bio-dynamic practices, permaculture, and sustainable farming traditions. We grow fruit, vegetables, chickens, eggs, sheep, and honey, concentrating on heirloom varieties, and forgotten Old World cultivars. (more...)

Bishop Farms & Agri Development LLC

  Bend, OR

Bishop Farms is family owned and operated. We are dedicated to Sustainable Farming practices and Naturally grown livestock, no antibiotics, grass fed with heritage crop varieties. Genetic modification (GMO), chemicals and artificial fertilizer is not allowed on our farm land. (more...)

Big Belly Farm

  Chapin, SC

Eggs are in season! Happy, heritage hens running around on pasture create a most delicious egg. One dozen for $3. We also have a limited amount of duck eggs for sale, 6 for $3. Small family operated farm just minutes from downtown Chapin. (more...)

Beyond Organic

  Twisp, WA

We began raising chickens because we wanted the most delicious and nutritious eggs possible. So we go "Beyond Organic" to a much higher standard. We chose to raise a variety of old-time, heritage breeds, rather than new "production" breeds. Our diverse little flock day-ranges, in the fresh air and sunshine, on lush, organic pasture. (more...)

Berry Creek Farm

  Blanchard, OK

Growers o'naturale. We enjoy our peaches, grapes, blackberries, strawberries and other small fruits. We have an acre vineyard of table grapes. We also have one acre of veggies, some of which are heirloom varieties, and a flock of free ranged pastured chickens (multiple breeds) all heritage breeds. (more...)

Belle Creek Farm

  Frederick, MD

Belle Creek Farm is a new, family owned farm just minutes away from downtown Frederick and Route 15. We sell pastured pork and poultry in season, eggs from heritage breeds and heirloom vegetables. It has long been our dream to become self-sufficient and live off our land in a healthy manner. (more...)