Red Wattle hog

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The Red Wattle hog is a large, red hog with a fleshy, decorative, wattle attached to each side of its neck that has no known function. They were quite popular in the US in the 1700s, but unfortunately, as settlers moved west, the breed began to fall out of favor because settlers came into contact with breeds that boasted a higher fat content. Red Wattle hogs are known for their hardiness, foraging activity, and rapid growth rate. They adapt well to a wide range of climates, making them a good choice for consideration in outdoor or pasture-based swine production.  Red Wattle pork is exceptionally lean and juicy with a rich beef-like taste and textur

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Cranky Carl's Farm

  Eureka, MT

We here at Cranky Carls farm, have a philosophy that it is possible to raise healthy, chemical free food at an affordable cost to you and your family. (more...)

Crane Dance Farm

  Middleville, MI

Named for the sandhill cranes that make the farm their home each spring, Crane Dance Farm nestles among the rolling hills, woodlands and wetlands of Barry County ~ a perfect setting for a grass-based, sustainable and humane farm. (more...)

Corvallis-Albany Farmers' Markets

  Corvallis, OR    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Corvallis-Albany Farmers' Markets operates outdoor farmers' markets that are known for their wide selection of local Willamette Valley organic and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, nursery plants and herbs. (more...)

Cooper Family Farm

  Brandenburg, KY

We milk registered Jersey dairy cows on a small family farm serving Fort Knox, Radcliff, Elizabethtown, Louisville and surrounding areas. Our cows are predominantly pasture-fed, receiving only a small ration of soy-free grain at milking time. No hormones are ever used and antibiotics are used only when medically necessary. (more...)

Cold Springs Farm CSA

  Weatherford, TX    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Cold Springs Farm is a specializes in heirloom and rare varieties, as well as new varieties. The farm is in the NRCS transition to organic EQIP program as well as Certified Naturally grown. The farm is also home to free range chickens, turkeys, and red wattle hogs, and bees!(more...)

Cheerful Chicken Farm

  Disputanta, VA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We graze all our animal on pasture in a mixed species herd. Using mob grazing and multiple species, our model replicates the natural mass migrations still seen in Africa and once seen in America. Our chickens run free with our livestock. They live in a symbiotic relationship, which reduces parasites and ensures maximum use of each acre of land (more...)