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The Red Wattle hog is a large, red hog with a fleshy, decorative, wattle attached to each side of its neck that has no known function. They were quite popular in the US in the 1700s, but unfortunately, as settlers moved west, the breed began to fall out of favor because settlers came into contact with breeds that boasted a higher fat content. Red Wattle hogs are known for their hardiness, foraging activity, and rapid growth rate. They adapt well to a wide range of climates, making them a good choice for consideration in outdoor or pasture-based swine production.  Red Wattle pork is exceptionally lean and juicy with a rich beef-like taste and textur

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Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm

  NORTH FORT MYERS, FL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm is a family run sustainable farm raising heritage breeds. We practice organic, holistic methods but are not certified. We have 100% grass-fed cows, red wattle pastured pigs and pastured heritage poultry. Our cows have been born on our farm, drank mother's milk and eaten pasture grasses only. (more...)

Roman's Natural Farm

  Luther, MI

We are a small sustainable farm in Northern Michigan. We do not use any medications, growth hormones or additives. We raise chickens, guineas, heritage turkeys and ducks.(more...)

River Run Farm

  Campbell , MO

We are a small family farm raising registered Red Wattle Hogs on Pasture. We also raise chickens, turkeys, and rabbits. Each year we grow more and more produce to share with friends and family. We are a young farm and are excited about growing to meet more of our own food needs and the needs of our community.(more...)

Righteous Ranch

  Effingham, SC

We are a small ranch that specializes in heritage pastured pork, heritage grass fed cattle and heritage pastured poultry. We produce and source locally the best heritage meats available. Visit our website and check us out!

Renaissance Farms

  Barre, MA

Shares available Year-Round ~Heirloom vegetables ~ Farm fresh eggs ~ Wild harvested foods ~ Pasture raised meats ~and more...[/li] Real food raised the way it should be: From heirloom seeds grown in soil that is rich and healthy, from heritage breeds raised on carefully managed pastures and woodland. (more...)

Red Star Ranch

  Hazelton, ID

To improve soil health on our farm and reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers, we plant half our land with multi-species non-GMO cover crops every year. In addition to benefitting the livestock living in the soil, the cover crops provide abundant nutritious grazing for our Red Devon cattle, Red Wattle pigs and Red Ranger chickens. (more...)