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The Red Wattle hog is a large, red hog with a fleshy, decorative, wattle attached to each side of its neck that has no known function. They were quite popular in the US in the 1700s, but unfortunately, as settlers moved west, the breed began to fall out of favor because settlers came into contact with breeds that boasted a higher fat content. Red Wattle hogs are known for their hardiness, foraging activity, and rapid growth rate. They adapt well to a wide range of climates, making them a good choice for consideration in outdoor or pasture-based swine production.  Red Wattle pork is exceptionally lean and juicy with a rich beef-like taste and textur

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Miracoli Farm, LLC

  Cecilia, KY

We are a small family farm, Veteran-owned and Kentucky Proud. We raise heritage breeds of pigs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks to offer families and chefs the very best meat and eggs that we can produce. Pork: Pure Red Wattle, 2014. (more...)

Meyer Beefalo Farm

  Elysian, MN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Beefalo by the 1/4's or 1/2's or state inspected individual packages. Pasture raised, lean, healthy meat. Pasture raised Red Wattle pork (heritage breed), 1/2's or whole or state inspected individual packages, known for their lean, flavorful meat. (more...)

Maude's Market CSA

  St. Louis, MO

Maude's Market is a local food store located in the Dutchtown neighborhood in St. Louis. We combine the fresh, local produce of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) with the convenience of a neighborhood corner grocery store. (more...)

Lone Goat Farm

  Ferryville, WI

After years of working for a number of organic/natural farmers on the western slope of Colorado, we decided it was time for us to set out and start a farm of our own. Months were spent scouring the internet looking for the perfect location. Finally we found an old alpaca farm nestled in a small coulee deep in the driftless region. (more...)

Lima Family Farms

  Hillsborough, NJ

Lima Family Farms is a family-owned operation that raises grass-fed beef and pasture-based pork, lamb and poultry (chickens and turkeys) in beautiful Hillsborough, NJ. We also maintain a flock of layer hens that provide our customers with pastured eggs. Additionally we cultivate the earth to grow vegetables and produce. (more...)

Lady Liberty Farm

  Rensselaerville, NY

Lady Liberty Farm is an Eco/Holistic Farm and Educational Retreat Center specializing in spirituality, sustainability, heritage produce, livestock, flower essence, aromatherapy and herbal products. We have overnight accommodations and serve our guests meals based on Weston A Price Foundation's nutritional guidelines. (more...)