Silver Fox rabbit

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The Silver Fox Rabbit is truly a multi-purposed breed whose genetic make-up has never been divulged. Today it is critically endangered with fewer than fifty annual North American registrations and there is a global population of less than 500. The young are born either solid black or blue and begin to show silvering of their fur at about four weeks. The silvering process takes about four months to complete. The fur is the animal‚??s most attractive and unusual feature.¬† It is extremely dense and 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length. The Silver Fox rabbit has a deep loin that provides good meat proportions on the carcass. The taste of its meat is of high quality with a fine texture and tas

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Sheep Creek Ranch

  Santa, ID

Sheep Creek Ranch is our family farm in the Clearwater Mountains of north Idaho. We are surrounded by timbered mountains and mountain meadows. We share the area with the local wildlife which includes deer, elk, moose, bear and wild turkeys. Turkeys, chickens and rabbits are raised on our farm. (more...)

Russ-Stick Acres

  Mancelona, MI

Who we are... At Russ-Stick Acres, life is simple, but demanding. It is also rewarding. Every building on our farm was hand constructed by Russ. We enjoy the winter with our Alaskan and Siberian sled dogs, sharing rides with the public. We have a soft spot for BLM adopted Mustangs. We raise our own lamb, chevon, pork and beef (Irish Dexter). (more...)

Rockin' H Farm

  Statham, GA

We are a small farm in Statham, GA that just doubled in size to 20 acres! We are dedicated to sustainability through Heritage Breeds, Natural Farming, and Building Community. We currently have available for our community: Farm fresh duck and chicken eggs Heritage Silver Fox rabbit Pastured heritage Ancona duck (more...)

Rock Dove Farm

  West Jefferson, OH

Rock Dove Farm is a small Vegetable and Fruit Farm started in 2010. We are focused on producing the best tasting, best quality, food in a sustainable way and selling it at a reasonable price. We are committed to the best, purest growing practices. We're seeking Organic Certification and are completely chemical-free. (more...)

Pine Mountain Homestead

  Pine , CO

Pine. Mountain Homestead is nestled in the small town of Pine, CO at 8,500ft surrounded by serene nature. We thrive off compassionate care for our humanely raised goats, chickens, ducks and rabbits. We feed our herd and flock solely organic, non-GMO grains in addition to their free range forage. (more...)

Perennial Roots

  Accomac, VA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Our project began as a homestead. We were looking to live a simpler life. As we cultivated herbs and tended our trees, we began to produce more than we could eat. We eased into selling to neighbors and friends and markets. We use no pesticides or herbicides -- we are a no-spray farm. (more...)