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In 1799, the Tunis sheep's ancestors arrived in the United States from North Africa. Once arrived, the Tunis Sheep quickly spread throughout the mid-Atlantic and the southeast, as they were well adapted to the heat and humidity of these regions.  The Tunis was the mainstay of sheep production in the upper South until the Civil War, when nearly all of the Southern stock was destroyed.  In the last decade, the Tunis Sheep has had a resurgence in the Southeast, as it is considered a gem within American agricultural history. The Tunis sheep is striking and attractive in appearance, with cream or ivory colored wool that is set nicely contrasted by a cinnamon-red face and legs. The meat from the Tunis sheep is tender and flavorful without having a strong mutton tas

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Stone & Thistle Farm

  East Meredith, NY

Stone & Thistle Farm's grass-fed livestock and poultry are raised on pastures most of the year. Only grass and sunshine are used to raise naturally healthy, farm-fresh lamb, goat, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, rabbits and eggs. Kortright Creek Creamery at Stone & Thistle Farm sells raw and pasteurized goat milk and goat milk yogurt. (more...)

Springside Farm

  Fabius, NY

We are a diversified family farm, raising sheep, dairy heifers, huacaya alpacas, Akbash guardian dogs, and Christmas trees. We practice managed intensive grazing for our livestock, and have grass-fed lamb and beef available. (more...)

Southwood Farm Forge Co

  Kearneysville, WV

We focus on raising American endangered heritage breeds on our farm. Our farming practices utilize conservation management techniques and conservation genetic practices. The historical farm setting provides a beautiful backdrop for the full time working Blacksmith Forge. (more...)

Snowwind Farm

  Little Falls, NY

We are located on 62 acres in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. It is truly a family affair with three generations living and working to sustain our small fiber farm. (more...)


  Nauvoo, AL

Custom growing CSA type farm; slow money, slow food; heritage breeds. We're offering farm shares to serve food choices with produce, meats (USDA small butcher processed), eggs and possibly other items as they mature - nuts, berries, fruit trees. Ground floor, initial people have option to renew. (more...)

Sandstone Ridge Farm

  La Farge, WI

We have established a small family farm in the driftless region of southwestern wisconsin, where we are raising registered tunis sheep, a heritage breed. tunis lamb is known for its mild, delicate flavor, and the ewes breed out of season, making lamb available year-round. we raise our lambs with their mothers on hay and pasture grass. (more...)